Black Patrons Refused Service At Restaurant Because White Customer Felt Uncomfortable

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  • Sherlock C Sampson

    Open your own cafe next door or opposite and observe the difference. Hire every race or color.

  • Freeman Earl Newkirk Jr.
  • Starr Page

    Loan from a bank?? it was 25 waiting for TWO HOURS!!! if they all put $100 each in the BANK for a period of time (while they pull together a PLAN) they could get SOMETHING started besides these over cooked excuses…BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT…unless you just want to make someone else rich and continue to COMPLAIN…!

  • Grace Ballinger

    actually, they don’t have the right to not serve you because you are black aka black secret service agent at denny’s. sue them and take the money to open your own club. screw those horse fckers.

  • Denise Addison

    You’re a restaurant owner and you forgo the profit from 25(!) people in favor of 1 person, maybe 2? Never mind the nice tips for the wait staff. These people at Wild Wing Cafe don’t know how to make money and they deserve to go out of business! Hey SC, make it happen!

  • Denise Addison

    Walter. People just say things to have something snide to say. It’s rare they actually think it through.

  • Walter Amador

    Folson Ayiti have you any clue how hard it is to get a loan from a bank if you are from low income levels? There are 25 people in that group how many of them do you think could walk into a bank in the USA and get the $75,000 needed to start a restaurant ?????? Sure all 25 can throw money together and buy a restaurant but that is 25 bosses!!! They attended to restaurant to EAT ……not COOK, CLEAN, MAINTAIN, LANDSCAPE OR MANAGE ONE.

  • Folson Ayiti

    what’s unbelievable about that ???

  • Melannie Barbour

    Go start your own Wild Wing Resturant. Maybe it is a good thing you did not get served. You might not have know what your were eating. Some resturants are the most filthest place to eat. It happens alll over every day – for a reason – —Go start your own. Find 10 people who want to be a part of that investment idea and go for it.

  • Wadr FamilyRadio

    Handle it legally, also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and hold them accountable for their obvious prejudices which lead to them discriminating.

  • Obinna Raphael

    You should have wait up to 10hrs, nonsense!

  • Walter Amador

    “Open your own restaurants.” I cannot believe people are actually suggesting that as a solution. Wow!

  • Terrance Watson

    Why did they wait 2 hours. Stupid

  • Ndifor Altruist

    open your own cafe’s!!! simple solution.