Black Woman Dies After Being Kicked In Genitals By LAPD Officer

  • Jones Alana


  • Fazina Bacchus

    Our women now !

  • Collin H Haughton

    These people are low frequency, not human but a kind of man ( Mankind)

  • Michael Barnes

    Yes indeed. The US Justice Department needs to get off their asses and start investigating the entire US Police Force. They are committing genocide killings of black folks.

  • Robbin Randolph

    This happen August of 2012, what I want to know is what was the outcome of the case. What did the video show????

  • Sharon Adams

    I know they should not do it to no one I guess we have to start arming ourselves a nd do them the same thing that they measure out to us. Omosh Owino.

  • Michael Sayre

    Man handled!

  • Malaki Seku-Amen


  • Omosh Owino

    Man or Woman… should matter NOT

  • Latasha Johnson

    Malaki Seku-Amen

  • June SoulBird

    There are no words

  • Shirley Ferrill

    KAndria Pratt

  • Craig Winning Stevens
  • Angela Hyman

    I’ve always been told,’the lord helps those who help themselves’…js. Get right people and stop waiting for some being from another realm to help us. We CAN change ALL of this but too many of us are on our knees and listening to pastor preach prosperity and blessing while our children,brothers,sisters, fathers,mothers are being SLAUGHTERED. Even the slaves realized there was a time to pray and a time to act…Dr.Martin Luther King realized that we had to do more than PRAY. If all he did was pray and wait on god where would the civil rights movement be today? I can honestly say religion has done it’s job….it has made us docile and weak…waiting on a ‘savior’ to save us when history has shown us that all of our help came from the people who fought,bled,suffered and died to be free of oppression. We are so weak today and that’s why ‘they’ do whatever they want to us because we(some of us) are stuck waiting on the ‘2nd coming’ while they run roughshod over us. Ever thought about what kind of world you’re leaving your kids/grandkids in if Jesus doesn’t come back before you die?

  • Francisca Nabulizi

    It’s a shameful act, oh Lord please help ooo

  • Sharon Adams

    Wow the turn on our women now. This is disrespectful we have to stand up to them now.

  • Aisha Patrice

    let’s go

  • Estella Cohen


  • Sam Smith

    Time to leave.

  • Nat Hardeau-Bread

    I bet ppl still not organizing… Smh

  • Timothy S Moore

    Killing us all over , we need protection no one respecting african race it secound time this month LA in California law enforcement beat black women

  • Andrew Johnson

    bring attention to this type of action, as it happen not two years later

  • Norma Jean Allen

    LaVette M. Allen

  • Jenny Brown

    Another lynching….Heart of love to her family

  • Rei Taylor

    The reporter asked the man “did the police do anything wrong?” and he said no. She was slammed on the ground while in handcuffs.

  • Kamal Muhammad


  • Empowering Bodies Health-Wellness

    Seems like this is war(not that is hasn’t been since we arrived) It’s turned up to the 3rd power now….

  • Warren Smiley Henderson

    R.i.P I hope a Real investigation is held.

  • Hendricks Ismael

    Awful humans should not treat humans like that.

  • Lefa Mohlomi

    Poor African suffering all over the world, from South Africa to South America to USA to Europe and the Middle East. Africans stand up and be counted!

  • Christine Reams

    Even with cameras running, these police continue to use deadly force causing death.

  • Jerald Hutt

    After looking at all these post of ppl being choked out and murdered by the police really makes me feel like strapping myself up to protect me and mines because this shit is getting out of hand.

  • Gloria Bronner

    America is a unstable place. They just hide behind the law to do their desires because they serve the devil!

  • Donald Dogan

    Its EVERY DAY,that we are being Murdered by these Amerikkkan Gestapo police,its not going to stop,My people we are at WAR,stop being complacent,docile,obedient,they are Killing us,its all out Genocide,marrying these oppressors,having their children will not stop them from killing your Black self.There can be no other result,fight back,if you have to die,try and take at least one of these killers with you,they have no regard for your life,have none for theirs,its KILL OR BE KILL,NO MERCY,NO RETREAT,NO SURRENDER,AND NO PRISONERS.BLACK POWER TO ALL BLACK PEOPLES IN THE WORLD.

  • Edward Dunbar
  • Douglas Thompson

    We must be careful how we deal with the police.It’s a catch 22 if we start to fight back that’s what they want.So,they can put us all in concentration camps.Help is on its way,thank:Allah,Ghevoah,God the father,the son and the holy spirit).We have another SUN comminginto our solar system.The pale fox must go back into the cave.The whole Earth will be come tropical.Peace,Love & Happiness.

  • Taz Shabazz

    Peace when will people get serious and start to fight back in this war?

  • Rirhandzu Mlondobozi

    Until when will you just sit back and watch yourselves being annihilated by these closet KKK members disguised in uniform?

  • Milton Caldwell

    I say we kick back

  • LaRahn Guthrie

    what was the out come of the investigation ? this happen in Aug.31 2012.

  • Sékou Sabra

    This happened last October. LAPD ain’t no different than NYPD…gangs, both. Until we black and brown men decide to stand alone together, our women and children will continue to die at the hands of the oppressor.

  • Bennett Roger Moore

    Black people are so much cowards these It’s nit even funny. It should still be as Malcolm X said: “if you touch our women we’ll kill you!”. That’s the same mentality and attitude we should have towards these so-called whites (they look more like pink or pig) cops. They have managed to label themselves white(superior ) and call us black(inferior). One thing is for sure that the colour of my skin does not equate me to inferiority to no damn foolish individual claiming to be head over me. Call me racist or whatever but I can care less. Anyone that tells you that you can earn your way to the top of the social hierarchy is blinded by materialism. The white comes to house in the guise of a police or children’s aid Worker and abduct mostly black Kids from their families all in the name of a law that only works against us so-called blacks in every area of life. Remember so-called blacks you’re being miseducated by your captors and oppressors; educate yourselves and the rest of your family about who and what you’re, Where you’re from, and how you ended up here and why?

  • Ryon Patterson

    Yeah, free Palestine…

  • Litha Nongogo

    Somebody lays their hands on you, take them to the grave, i believe it was Malcolm X who said this. I’m South African, however I keep reading about African Americans being murdered by the police. This enrages me but I don’t know what to do. I strongly believe it’s about time black people in America hit back. Recording these atrocities & posting them online doesn’t seem to be slowing these criminal cops down, let alone getting them punished, time to organise & fight back black America, show the government that enough is enough. I apologise if I am speaking out of turn, it just pains me to see black people being murdered as if they don’t matter.

  • Koshie Cooper

    Its war on our people, wake up black man fight for your lives. Genocide has no end, until you defend yourselves they will not stop. Fight for freedom my people.

  • Errol Samuels

    Seems the most organise gang to worry about is the police(BLUE)…they are under orders….either its giving out a certain number of tickets in a month, or seeing how many black people they can book in a month….they are under orders.

  • Kyle Grannell

    Disgusting…No excuse, simply disgusting.

  • Dorothy Goldsmith

    After you murdera civilian you are taken off street duty. Indifference a that lead tourserdo not dusappear with desk duty, the public is still at risk. I believe they should fired obviously the are in the wrong job. Fire the mutdrers, civilians don’t get a second chance, or justice in these cases.

  • Robert Stroud

    what is going on, all out war on black people.

  • Ndifor Altruist