How To Buy Top Quality Wig

How To Buy Top Quality Wig

Nowadays when shopping the Cosplay costumes and props store, it is common to find lots of Cosplay wigs, meanwhile, there are also too many wigs in fashion market and lots of people are likely to wear it as decorative item. However, the fact is that different wigs would be made from different raw materials, and as a result, its quality would be different. For example, some people wear wig, and when just having a quick glance, it is clear to find that is poor quality wig, on the other hands, some wigs would be so lifelike, just like the real human hair. Don’t worry, in order to avoid such awkwardness, in the following article, I will introduce how to choose one top quality wig.

Before buying top quality wigs, you should at first know the main raw materials for wigs production. Generally speaking, wigs are mainly made from three types of materials, including Kanekalon, real human hair and the mixture of Kanekalon and real human hair. Wigs made from different raw materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Wigs made from Kanekalon is too much cheaper, and this is its remarkable advantage, however, its quality is very poor, if you are the Cosplayer or model for fashion show, you can wear such wigs, in daily life, if you want to wear it for doing some shopping, please stop because you will feel more embarrassing among the crowed.

In the TV play, some actors are likely to wear wigs to change their appearance, such wigs used in shooting TV play are made from real human hair.

In daily life, most of wigs are made from the combination of Kanekalon and real human hair, and its quality would be better, as for its price, it is about 40 USD.

In addition to pay attention on the quality of wig itself, you have to consider other factors such as whether the wig is suitable for you even if it is the top quality one, according to suggestion from fashion experts, the color of wig should be harmonious with your skin.

If there are still a few hair on your top hear, the wigs selected for wearing should be harmonious with existing hairs such as its color or texture. If there is no hair on your top head, please consider your skin, if your skin is more white, it is better to choose claybank and sandy beige wig while if your skin is black, please choose black or brownish black wig.

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