Buying and Selling on News

Buying and Selling on News

If you are thinking about investing your money in the stock market, you need to know the best way to go about making stock choices. There are two basic methods when it comes to determining a good stock to put your money into, there is the buying the market and buying the news. These methods are commonly used by investors of every kind.

Buying the Market

The most straightforward approach to choosing stocks includes researching the company. You would look at the past revenue history, earnings reports, profit to cost ratio and the performance of companies they are investing in. The is referred to as buying the market as you are basing your decision on solid market information that can be traced and valuated.

The problem with this approach is that it leans heavily on past performances and this is not always the best way to determine future worth of a company. The truth be told a company often suffers losses because of things outside of their control. The investor would be wise to to take this into account when considering their investment options. A good penny stock company will help you to to make these informed decisions.

Buying the News

This has led to an alternative method for picking stocks known as buying the news. Investors who use this technique monitor the news for current events and trends that could impact their investments. For example if you are thinking about investing in coffee but find out from the news that the leading coffee producing country is on the verge of civil war you may want to rethink your strategy. Investors who buy the news are not relying on simple luck as some might suppose instead they are looking at outside influences that could affect a company’s ability to perform.

Internet Influence

Not too many years ago, investors buying the news would have to wait until the evening news broadcast to find out what was going on around the world. The internet and all news channels have changed this forever. Now you can find late breaking news from around the globe anytime night or day through either of these outlets. You can check your favorite news website or sign up for instant alerts that get sent to your mobile phone.


Either of these methods for choosing stocks can be used by a well-informed investor, however buying the news is showing strong gains across the board. Perhaps the best way to choose your stock picks is by using a combination of these two techniques. Research the companies for past performance but keep your eye on current events including weather trends, political upheaval and even social fads. Any of these could have a negative impact on a solid company that has operated in the black for a decade or more. For example if the current trends continue toward greener vehicles and less dependency on fossil fuels, this “fad” should be taken into consideration when talking about your investment portfolio.

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