Camel Black Box Cigarettes

Camel Black Box Cigarettes

Tokyo, December 17, 2012 — Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) (TSE: 2914) announced today the launch of ”Camel Black Box” and ”Camel White Box,” two stylish, curved-pack cigarettes with excellent flavor balance and smoothness from Camel, one of the Global Flagship Brands(*1) , in select stores across Japan excluding Okinawa Prefecture in mid-January 2013.

Camel is a historic brand, introduced in the United States in 1913 and the first in the world to adopt the American blend(*2) that has since evolved to be the mainstream blend. At present, it is one of the leading brands of the JT Group, sold in more than 90 countries(*3) throughout the world.
ALL NEW CAMEL! A stylish design with the ultimate in simplicity
Camel Black Box and Camel White Box are currently on sale in more than 20 countries(*3), mainly in Europe, where a great many consumers enjoy the stylish Camel brand.

The taste and flavor of the cigarette is distinctive of an American blend smoke, offering satisfying smoking experience, while it features a well-balanced, smooth-tasting palate.
The tar values are 10 mg for the Camel Black Box and 6 mg for the Camel White Box.
To create stylish and modern designs, a curved-pack, featuring edges that have been tapered off into smooth curves, and black and white, for the ultimate in simplicity, are used for the cigarette packaging.

Using this launch as a touchstone of Camel sales in the Japanese domestic market, the cigarettes will be launched at roughly 3,000 stores across Japan, excluding Okinawa Prefecture.

The Company is committed to continually improving the quality of our products and services to better satisfy consumers, including the launch of the two Camel cigarettes.

The Camel pack is featured prominently in Tom Robbins’ 1980 novel Still Life with Woodpecker, billed as “a love story that happens inside a pack of cigarettes”. The book’s artwork is modeled after a pack of Camels, and the package artwork and history are discussed extensively in the book. It is also mentioned that a pack of Camels is the best friend you have in prison.

The cover of the band Camel’s album Mirage resembles the cigarette packaging.

A stylized drawing of the Camel cigarette pack is used as the front cover of the 1971 album Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime by the San Francisco psychedelic band It’s a Beautiful Day.

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