Canadian Pharmacies Welcome News of Daily Tea Preventing Diabetes and Heart Attack

Canadian Pharmacies Welcome News of Daily Tea Preventing Diabetes and Heart Attack

People have been drinking tea for generations, but its many benefits were not realized until recently. Canadian pharmacies followed researchers led by Dr. Carrie Ruxton and Dr. Pamela Mason who found consuming three or more cups of black tea every day reduced risk of heart attack by nearly 60% and also reduces threat of diabetes. The review is based on dietary information collected by UK government bodies using National Diet and Nutrition Surveys over the last few decades.

Black tea contains several antioxidants that help fight free radicals known to damage DNA in the human body. Earlier research already established cardiovascular benefits yielded through regular drinking of black tea.

In the year 2009, a review of nine research studies conducted on nearly 195,000 participants establishing benefits of tea. Three cups of black or green tea reduced risk of stroke by 21%, which was later negated by another study claiming systolic blood pressure and inflammation were not reduced on concluding the observational study after nearly six months. Controversial results led to both the National Institutes of Health and the National Centre for complementary and Alternative Medicine reserving opinion about positive effects related to improve cardiovascular function on drinking tea.

Nevertheless, a 2009 study involving 1,040 elderly adults also revealed continuous and sustained intake of black or green tea helped reduce risk of diabetes. It is widely known tea helps prevent blood clots, which is why people often buy Plavix from Canadian pharmacies to prevent blood clots from forming in the heart and major arteries. The prescription medication effectively reduces risk of heart attack.

Tea also helps keep blood pressure under control. The overall cardiovascular health benefits were realized by researchers in the present study. For example, high blood pressure stops arteries from pumping sufficient blood to different parts of the body. Drinking three cups of tea every day reduced several risk factors including high blood pressure and blockages due to clots. It reduced risk of heart attack by nearly 60% over a reasonable time frame and effectively prevented onset of diabetes.

Again, basis of research is based on review of 40 studies conducted earlier through an extended period of time. Health benefits as an antioxidant was exhibited in terms of preventing both heart attack and diabetes. Benefits of black tea have been well documented over time, and because its flavor is appealing, people easily adapt to daily intake.

Several factors are to be considered before increasing consumption of daily tea. For instance, sweetened tea is preferred by many. If tea consumption is increased on a regular basis, blood sugar levels would go beyond normal limits. High doses of caffeine may lead to high blood pressure and anxiety. However, the sheer number of research studies backing health benefits cannot be denied.

Generic Canadian pharmacies are aware black tea is not a cure for several medical conditions, although regular intake does provide health benefits indicated by the numerous studies conducted in the past and present. Also, the pharmacies recommend people consult their family doctors to identify health benefits and determine quantity of tea to be consumed daily. Some may gather more benefits than others.

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