Charlie Sheen Could be Manic

Charlie Sheen Could be Manic

One of the most popular celebrity doctor’s Dr. Drew, made famous by his national radio show syndication, Love Line, is claiming that Charlie Sheen sounds like he may be manic. He goes on to say that he will not call this an official celebrity diagnosis because he has not seen Charlie as a patient but from his recent radio appearances, it sounds as if he may be having a manic episode. If this is true, this could be a big thing in celebrity health issues to come. Depression is serious medical news, and if Charlie Sheen really were manic, that would make it the first public celebrity diagnosis to make it in medical news.

Charlie was recently sent to a treatment center for his extreme drug and alcohol abuse. He did not stay there long before leaving the facility. Charlie was recently recorded as saying on a radio show, “I”

His rant on the radio talk show he was on is considered a sign of manic behavior. Other signs of manic behavior that many celebrities exhibit are extremely happy good times or extremely low bad times for more than a few days. In addition, extreme changes in energy, sleep, and behavior such as aggression, worry and even sexual behavior are all signs of manic disorders such as bipolar disorder or Schizophrenia. Some people have psychotic episodes as well where they will have hallucinations or delusions, both of which can be extremely unsafe if they go unmedicated for long periods. It appears that for quite awhile, Charlie Sheen has exhibited many of these symptoms; however, they were being masked by his drug and alcohol addiction.

As many people know, drinking and doing drugs severely lowers your inhibitions and can make a person do stupid things. Drinking and doing drugs in excess can cause you to have long black out periods in which many of the things that you do can be considered as manic, however, you are unaware that you are even doing them. It is a cycle that many alcoholics tend to fall in but do not see a problem because they are literally missing chunks of time from their life.

This very serious problem is medical news worthy if someone were brave enough to report it. No matter whether Charlie is manic or having an episode or really was just coming clean from all the drugs and alcohol, the fact still remains that Charlie’s mental health is not in the best condition. In most medical news, he would be listed as fragile. This is because it would be dangerous to push him one way or the other if he really is manic. He could end up severely hurting himself or others.

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