The Classic Little Black Dress that Suits Every Occasion

The Classic Little Black Dress that Suits Every Occasion

It would be hard to find a woman who doesn’t have a chic little black dress, as a part of her closet. The idea of this ensemble was first put forth by Coco Chanel and it has been a classic ever since. One of the main reasons the LBD is so popular is mainly because it is one of the few dresses that suit several types of occasions.

The Dangerous Sweetheart Bodycon Black Dress

If you’re wondering why black? It is because black is the ultimate color for sleek elegance. This dress brings about a slimming effect by masking all the undesirable parts of your body and ends up making you look taller than you are. Furthermore, black is a color that suits everyone; if you’re afraid to stand out at an event with a neon dress or a bright yellow sun dress, you could opt for this suave little black number.

Tube Bubbling Black Dress

This dress could be worn simply or along with accessories to a large number of events, right from funerals to weddings. Although black is generally worn at funerals as a mark of mourning and respect; you could add color to your outfit with an elegant scarf or some chunky jewelry on other occasions.

A feathered headdress can be sported with the LBD at a horse race or an art exhibit to give you that extra edge. Get creative with your dressing sense and don’t hesitate to personalize the outfit with your own jewelry, jackets or scarves; as you cannot go wrong with the LBD.

The Drinks on me Black Bodycon dress

You can wear this outfit and accessorize it for an evening out with your friends; it gives you the option of putting your hair up or letting it down for a cascading effect at the event. Coupled with a nice set of pumps and some tastefully picked out bling, this LBD is sure to make you one of the best dressed people at any occasion!

It means that you will end up saving a whole lot of your shopping budget; as most of the other dresses you buy, can only be worn to the specific event it was bought for. There is also the added advantage you have of being able to couple almost any other color with black; which is what you can do to make the dress appropriate for a wide range of events.

If you’re one of the few ladies about town who fail to possess this exciting dress; then, go right ahead and buy one for yourself! Pick one that you are comfortable in and rest assured knowing that the little black dress you buy will be a safe investment.

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