Demon of Claustrophobia in 10 Extremely Stifling Movies

Demon of Claustrophobia in 10 Extremely Stifling Movies

We are usually in our daily lives often stuck in a crowded subway car or a stalled elevator. For most of us, this is no more than a pure irritation without much help. The average routine is just a run of the mill nuisance with these types of sudden jolt in our lives. But when claustrophobic really triumph the psychology of a normal man, it turns out be nothing but a waking nightmare.

The fear of being stuck, suffocated or sluggish feeling of trapped is not a new subject in Hollywood Movies, and it takes hold of your anxious mind through a dramatic projection of a secretive human consciousness. Even if we know there is no real danger, but still everything seems horribly cramped and crawling situation despite the fact you are sitting in a movie theater with hundreds of people around you. In the latest Hollywood movie news we come up with 10 extremely claustrophobic movies that chill down your body. You can see our choices and if want to feel the chill; you can buy online movies or buy DVDs to enjoy the thrill.

Here are some entries that make you entertain and appreciate the joy of an open window:

Panic Room

The David Fincher physical and psychological plausible thriller tells about a ‘panic room’ that is supposed be a safe place but turns out be a real panic room when young Kristen Stewart gets stuck in it when criminals crawling their way through rest of the house.

Rear Window

This classic Hitchcock movie consists of two inanimate objects, a bedroom and a wheel chair. You don’t need paper bags to breathe into but the gripping script and silent worming up the restless can beat you for some deep pants.


The popular series takes you to a maniac’s torture chamber where you find a transition of a thrill to horror. It’s more of a horror movie than thriller.

Das Boot

What if you’re stuck in a German submarine with a bunch of Germans? This classic movie is rare claustrophobic thriller that leaves you a good feeling after escape (from submarine of course).

The Descent

The movie deals with underground caverns that mean you can’t see through the convoluted path through a pitch black, narrow canyon, and it is enough to bring some repelling moments.


What if you’re stuck in a haunted elevator? The films are about an elevator, four people and satanic force.

127 Hours

The adventure in Grand Canyon goes awry and stuck in a crevasse with one arm pinned down by a boulder. A true story, silent, not thrilling but dizzy when James Franco cut his hand with his Swiss knife.


What happen when Hitchcock leads you to a lifeboat? Yes, he put you there for rest of the movie. Perhaps you wouldn’t do any boat trip after seeing this movie.

The Breakfast Club

Principal Vernon is a threat that makes you stuck in a high school library. One of the most corrosively claustrophobic entries in Hollywood.


Ultimate claustrophactor. You can’t tolerate it if you despise small spaces.

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