Diamonds, Smart Money Now Buying Net Diamonds In Rare Low Bids to Wealth

Diamonds, Smart Money Now Buying Net Diamonds In Rare Low Bids to Wealth

Diamonds and gemstones are being discovered and dug out of the ground up in the north of Canada. And this is very good news in many ways.

One is that these new rare tight pipes of diamond discoveries are easily controlled in a narrow area. And that these new additions to the shrinking world supply of essential industrial diamonds are in a democracy where good governance is far different from the blood diamond situations in war torn Africa.

There, the differently burst diamond pipe has strewn diamonds over large areas, which creates chaos over vast areas. Various tribal warlords plant land mines to protect their areas, which causes fatalities and mutilations among local farmers who live constant lives of fear.

Now that these new diamond pipes are being mined in the north of Canada has changed everything. For decades my daughters looked with suspicion at diamonds, and they would agree that buying them would only encourage the blood money war lords who kill people in Africa to steal these.

In contrast, now our grand daughters learn in school of these proud superior new Polar Bear Diamonds from the far north of Canada, and that only a polar bear bum makes a diamond the one them them. Now they apply money from part time jobs to have a house get together or a diamond net party, and place low bids on pure new Canadian diamonds with a Polar Bear stamped into the bottom.

And that little Polar Bear tells our grand daughters and all that locals were employed, not mutilated in the collecting of these rare gems. And our grand daughters are smart and of high moral caliber and the former disgust and doubt of blood money has changed to polar bear pride.

And an investment in their very own future. They are ahead of the rest of us: if these are great news bears, they want one. We may indeed be losing the polar bears to global warming. But Canada can at least allow the polar bear to live on as a diamond forever.

Our grand children can feel good that they make a low bid investment in a precious product they could later use as security for their first home, or their own home business. Right now, they only cruise the mall or comparison shopping, and laugh at the price in the jewelry store window.

At home, they go where the smart money, and do what they could not do with the snobbish lady at the mall, but bid low and laugh and come back. They now show off their prize new possessions; they give the lady at the jewelry store a big wave. With their jeweled hand.

Our good fortune is where these rare pipes of diamonds shot out of the core to the surface of the earth, in rocky northern Canada. This has greatly expanded the supply of highest rate diamonds in the world.

Another is that these new diamonds are of a smaller type of cluster diamond: they tend to fall apart into more perfect diamonds of a size to impress but at a more easy labor process and risk of waste.

That these are diamond pipes and in a democracy that enjoys good governance is good new in many ways. Linked to this is the findings by the Pew Institute of America. They have studied global needs and decisions for where to plant more forests to suck up poisons and carbon.

They find there are three vast forested areas on earth: Russia, Brazil, and Canada. Their decision has been that only Canada has the good governance and order to make likely best use of any attempts to suck up bad carbon.

And while Canada already plants more trees than it cuts, that volume of reforestation has begun. And if we cut down some trees to get your diamonds to you, we have promised to replant them. Sparkling you, cleaner air. Good news should travel net quickly, so here you are.

Derek Dashwood enjoys discussing the diamond news items behind the news. Here diamonds become a girl’s best friend again, with brilliant new finds in safer Canada: grand daughters are the smart money, and we will not lose by following them, more of which is at Diamonds and Gemstones