Discover The Unique Beauty Of Loose Black Diamonds In Every Shape And Size

Discover The Unique Beauty Of Loose Black Diamonds In Every Shape And Size

An intriguing new look that is making a huge statement around the world is that of Loose Black Diamonds. Black diamonds are by all technical and laboratory terms a diamond; they simply do not sparkle like traditional clear diamonds. Ordinary clear diamonds refract light, whereas black diamonds absorb it. Black diamonds do have a different structure than crystal diamonds, which is called a polycrystalline structure. Simply stated, this means that it is like many different diamonds that have been smashed together over many years. This diamond cannot be carved to induce sparkles, as the light is only absorbed into it, giving it its black appearance. Some geologists believe that loose black diamonds originated from outer space.

Loose black diamonds have been found to contain elements of hydrogen and nitrogen, which some geologists claim indicate extraterrestrial origin. The indications are that a mineral that was formed in a supernova that exploded over 4.5 billion years ago are the same chemical properties of loose black diamonds. Basically, black diamonds are similar in composition to cosmic dust, and eventually fell to earth in the form of a meteorite. Many believe the loose black diamonds are over 4 billion years old, nearly as old as planet Earth. Black diamonds are very valuable, and similar to crystal diamonds, the price is dependent on grade, size and cut. In general, in the United States, one karat of loose black diamonds is worth between $ 100 and $ 200, depending on quality and size. The most common shape of loose black diamonds is round, but there is a variety of other shapes available, including heart, princess, pear, checker and radiant cuts.

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