Discover a world in one country on a South Africa safari

Discover a world in one country on a South Africa safari

The appeal of Africa is irrefutable, what better way to start 2012 than on a South Africa safari, whether you’re planning a luxury honeymoon, a family holiday or a trip that has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to it, a Safari to South Africa offers visitors everything that they could possibly dream of and so much more.

You have all read the books, watched the movies and the television shows, a South Africa safari lets you encounter the famous ‘big five’ face to face: elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo and rhino. They are simply a must do for anyone who has a passion for wildlife, the name big five comes from their difficulty of hunting them, today the thrill comes from photographing them in their own habitat.

The most iconic safari park in South Africa is without question the Kruger National Park, be prepared to be awed, witnessing a leopard relaxing in a tree, spotting a white rhino by a watering hole, finding a pride of lions playing in the shade, or watching vast herds of buffalo and gazelle moving gracefully across the open African plains – these are truly unforgettable and life changing moments.

There is something truly incredible about each and every season in South Africa and there is really no bad time to visit. If I could suggest a time to go, I would suggest visiting in late winter or in early spring because the grasslands are still quite low and sources of water are only located in a few areas, which makes spotting the big five much easier. Another reason why this time of year is so special for a safari is because it’s the birthing season in the bush. Another added advantage of doing a safari in South during the winter months is that, unlike the rest of Africa these months are during the countries low season making the trip much more affordable, which means for the normal price of a South African safari holiday you could upgrade your flights and accommodation for the same price as a safari holiday during the peak season.

The beauty of a South Africa safari is that they are so accessible; you can fly to the Kruger Park International Airport and the lodge you are staying at will arrange either a charter flight or a transfer to your safari park.

The accommodation and services on offer in South Africa is arguably the best on the continent, with an extensive array of luxury appealing to those looking for an exclusive getaway and for honeymooners seeking an extraordinary honeymoon.

Another pull factor to South Africa is they can easily be combined with a beach holiday to neighbouring countries or on one of South Africa’s many beaches. A popular combination with a South Africa safari is a beach holiday to Mauritius, which is usually done after the safari holiday, allowing for a more diverse holiday experience.

If you get too exhausted from being out on safari, you can combine your South Africa safari with a city break to Cape Town and discover what this incredible city has to offer.

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