What Egypt has to offer to Adventure lovers!

What Egypt has to offer to Adventure lovers!

If you are chasing those moments when your adrenalin would rocket up, then we’ve got some good news for you! Egypt offers to adventurers a variety of activities that can be enjoyed in the air, in the waters and in the desert! Here are a few examples from those places in Egypt where you can experience the excitement you’re after!

Camping in Bahareya Oasis

El-Bahareya Oasis was a major agricultural center during the reign of the Pharaohs. Wildlife in the oasis is plentiful, especially with birds and crops that include rice, corn, apricots, dates and olives.

There are also some springs in the area, and near the Oasis lies the Black and White deserts, where you can go for a safari trip, stay in a tent and eat native food cooked on fire!If you go there, don’t also miss the Black Desert which offers great sights that would let you take some really good photos.

Sand-Boarding in Fayoum

Near Cairo, you can enjoy surfing on the pure yellow sand dunes in El-Qataneyah Dunes area in Fayoum.Sand-boarding can’t get better over there! You can also pick from different types of dunes: low, high or intermediate.

Diving in Dahab

With no doubt, Egypt is one of the world’s top diving destinations and a heavenfor divers and snorkelers from all around the globe.There are many diving spots in Egypt, but Dahab comes on top of them all, with its colorful coral reefs, lively marine life, theclear water and the moderate temperature all the year around.

Kite-Surfing & Parasailing

On the shores of the Sinai Peninsula, RasSudr resides at a couple of hours drive from Egypt’s busy capital, Cairo.Currently,RasSude is the main Kite-surfingcenter in Egypt, but still you can also enjoy Kite-surfing in many other beach cities on the red sea shores of Egypt, such asEin El-Sokhna, MarsaAlam, Dahab and others!

Parasailing mainly is scary to those who fear heights, but you should not worry as it is really safe. You can enjoy parasailing in the following cities on Egypt’s red sea shores: Hurghada, Dahab, Sharm El-Sheikh, MarsaAlam as well as in the massive Marina resort, which is located on Egypt’s north coast at the shores of the Mediterranean.

Cross Egypt Challenge

Considered to be the first of its kind in the Middle East, Cross Egypt Challenge is a series of endurance cross-country motorcycles and scooters rallies that were created to promote Egypt through this sport,so people from all over the world can participate in such a tough yet unique and entertaining challenge, and on top of all, experience the different amazing cities that the rally passes through from the far north to the far east ending to the far south of Egypt!

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