What Features Make GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition the Most Fascinating Camera

What Features Make GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition the Most Fascinating Camera

Do you feel sorry about not being able to share your rare experiences and pictures with your friends and family? I think, it is mainly because you do not have a quality action camera.

Now, it is time to cheer up as things won’t be same again! The GoPro cameras have been there to help you so that you never miss any chance of sharing your live experiences with your well wishers. Though these excellent cameras are available in various models, you can certainly go with GoPro Hero 3 Black edition. The main reason for me to refer this particular model of GoPro is very clear. This camera features great characteristics that you would simply love.

Know these features before you come up with a firm determination to buying one GoPro. Though these features are quite many in number, you can concentrate on the following:

Born Sporting: Though GoPro Hero 3 Black is versatile in its performance, it is perfectly suited for action or extreme sporting events. The camera is free from all risks that can damage a camera of average quality. It is shock proof and waterproof and that is why you need not be serious about its safety and security. It captures the rare moment of your performance and remains the sole witness. You will feel enthralled to know that you can even go for underwater shooting putting your GoPro inside the waterproof housing.

Adjustable to various types of mounts:This is a great feature that makes the camera even more versatile. It is wearable in many ways as it is compatible to many external mounts. You can fit these mounts on your helmet, mountain bike, surfboard, skis, and even on your jump suit while diving from airplane. These mounts are actually GoPro accessories that you can easily get at official GoPro Stores or online shopping sites. These mounts are meant for enhancing your conveniences and also for fulfilling your dream of capturing those thrilling moments.

Technical features: This particular model of GoPro has some exciting technical features. It has built-in Wi-Fi component. You can control your camera from a distance of 600′ all around it. You can do it with the help of a remote control or with your smartphone or even with your iOS android phone. Now, you can take your own snaps whenever you find it necessary.

Picture standard: GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition comes with an amazing capacity of taking pictures and videos. The HD quality of these pictures can overwhelm you even after quite a few years of taking them. As far as the videos are concerned, it grabs them with 1440p48, 1080p60, and 720p120 fps. However, it ensures amazing clarity of the stills with 12MP at 30 frames per second burst. It is incredible among any action camera available at the moment.

Price and availability: You must pay enough attention towards these factors as well. This is one of the cheapest action camera that you can find today anywhere in the world. However, you must buy GoPro hero 3 black in NZ from the counters of the manufactures that are available everywhere in the country. They offer special discounts along with some other financial advantages.

So what are you waiting for? Start your efforts to grab your GoPro now.

Robert Higgins is an expert blogger. As a photographer, he has keen interest in action sports. In this article, he tells you about the features of GoPro Hero 3 Black edition before you it.