How To Go Green With Your News

How To Go Green With Your News

It’s official – green is the new black! It’s hip to be green in 2010 and with everyone paying more attention to the three R’s; it’s fast becoming a normal part of life to separate our plastics from our metals as well as keeping up to date about local and international environmental news. Living by the simple rules set out by the three R’s — AKA reduce, reuse and recycle — people around the world are able to do their bit to save the planet.

One aluminium can, disposed of in a landfill will still exist in it’s current, albeit degraded and unusable form 500 years from now. One aluminium can, placed in a recycling bin will be completely transformed into a new, usable can within approximately 6 weeks. This fact and many other interesting tidbit’s of green news represent necessary information in this day and age when we are becoming more and more aware that the environment needs our help. Environmental news is truly hard to miss in that much time and space is now dedicated to it online, in newspapers, in books, on television and even on the radio.

There are truly thousands of things that we can do everyday to make a difference to the planet. From the single person to the multinational corporation, it is imperative that we seek out environmental news and educate ourselves with respect to everything green: Green alternative energy, green products, green solutions, and the list goes on!

The next time you build something, anything, educate yourself first and use green construction techniques. When wondering how you can make a difference at home, at school or in your office, consider that in the United States alone, the equivalent of one billion trees worth of paper alone is thrown away instead of recycled. Perhaps a more extensive recycling program is in order. Do a little green news research and you may be surprised at what you find out!

It is time for us to stem the tide of negative effects on the environment that have been set in motion long before us and are still being perpetuated today. Seeking out and taking in knowledge is the only way to make a difference. By looking for and taking in environmental news, you can arm yourself with facts and start to live a greener life and even help those around you do their part to make a difference.

It’s simple to get updates on the latest happenings around the world from the Hungarian toxic sludge disaster through to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and this can be done via the internet, through newspapers or on television. Just remember, however you read your green news — try to do it greenly!

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