Guide to buy bangles and mangalsutra

Guide to buy bangles and mangalsutra

Before you buy gold mangalsutra or even buy indian bangles online for your upcoming wedding, it might be interesting to understand why these jewellery pieces are a must for any Hindu Indian bride. While only Hindu’s wear the mangalsutra, bangles are worn by women of all religions – Muslims, Christians and even Sikhs and Jains.

While today women across the world buy bangles for a style statement, these originated in India and Pakistan and some archaeologists have found bangles dating back to 2000BC that were made from shell, agate and even gold leaf decoration to differentiate between a married woman and an unmarried one. Today, though even unmarried girls do buy gold bangles in funky designs to wear with jeans and dresses, married women are expected to wear them with all their outfits. On the other hand, a mangalsutra is purely a sign of a married woman and many women never take their mangalsutra off. Today you will find mangalsutra online in many designs – diamond pendants set in to all black beads, or a combination of more black less gold beads and also come in single, double and even triple string designs that can be matched to the size of the pendant. However, traditionally the ,mangalsutra always had a gold pendant worn with a double string of equal black and gold beads and was believed to protect the bride from temptations and to safeguard the life of the husband.

Today, when you want to buy gold mangalsutra or even buy gold bangles, your choices are not just relegated to what your local jewellery store has to offer. Many online websites offer these jewellery pieces, with free shipping across the country in discreet packaging and that means you have access to some international designs that will be timeless pieces you will be proud to pass down to future generations. When choosing a mangalsutra online, keep in mind that while diamond pendants are very popular today, never buy one that doesn’t come with separate warranty on the diamond and the gold. Same holds true even if you want to buy gold bangles with diamonds studded in to them. Today many styles in kadas or cuffs include precious stones like emerald, diamonds, turquoise and rubies and ensure that you buy only from a reliable online vendor because these cost a fortune.

Some websites will also have a option to buy mangalsutra and Indian gold bangles online in a matching design and the set will most probably also include earrings. These are great buys, as all the jewellery pieces are matching for a more visually pleasing look and can be perfect for a new bride who wants to collect some jewellery for all the functions and festivals coming her way. In fact you can also buy gold bangles for young kids, which commonly happens in Hindu families when a baby is born. Additionally, many websites will also give you the option to customize mangalsutra online to get a design that has more relevance for you.

Today you can buy Indian bangles online and even buy gold mangalsutra in exotic designs online. No longer do you have to depend on the same designs that your local jeweller stores because you have access to some international designs from top most brands online, even if they don’t have stores in your city.