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Head lines

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The main News Headlines are:

# 1. Libya, guilty for an oil shock?

The whole world is waiting for a new oil shock, because of the civil war in Libya. In Europe and North America, oil prices are constantly increasing, and the threat seems to be pretty close.
The big question now is whether a possible NATO military intervention in Libya could come from the desire to defend democracy or to save the “black gold”.
The CEO of the national petroleum company in Libya, Shukri Ghanem, said oil production was already reduced to about half due to the departure of workers, mostly immigrants, who are afraid of how things might turn. The insurgents, who rose up against the regime of Gaddafi Maammar, control now the oil terminals.
In Libya, the oil, called “black gold” is more than 95% of exports
# 2. Jacques Chirac, in justice in a corruption trial

Today starts the process in which the former French President Jacques Chirac is accused of embezzling public funds for the benefit of his political allies in the time when he was mayor of Paris. At the request of lawyers, Chirac will miss the first day of trial. However, he could appear in court Tuesday.

Chirac has been indicted on 21 November 2007 for misappropriation of public funds in the dossier on alleged positions of mayor’s office of Paris. Chirac occupied the office the period from 1977 to 1995. Chirac is suspected to have conducted the non-existent salaries to his political allies, who supported the presidential election campaigns.

The process brings together two separate cases. The first concerns the alleged seven fictitious jobs, which Chirac is accused of conflict of interest, and the second – 21 positions, in which Chirac is accused of embezzling funds. Several people were sentenced in connection with this case in 2004, including the former prime minister, the current foreign minister Alain Jupp, who was found guilty of fraud and misappropriation of public funds.
It is the first time when a former president of France is called in front of the justice

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