ISkin Revo2 IPhone 4 Case – A Good Choice for Protecting Your IPhone

ISkin Revo2 IPhone 4 Case – A Good Choice for Protecting Your IPhone

If you are like myself, you love your iPhone. I find myself practically addicted to my iPhone. I am constantly using it to send emails, surf the web, update my Twitter status, and keep up with my friends on Facebook. When I first purchased my iPhone, I was so excited that I carried it around for a few weeks without a carrying case. Thankfully, I didn’t scratch, scuff, or drop my iPhone, but I quickly realized that the potential was there.

I have tried many different cases for the iPhone-and have known friends that have tried still more-but one of my favorites is the iSkin Revo2. iSkin iPhone cases are popular choices-they are easy to find, offer a good amount of protection, and look stylish.

The Revo2 is an updated version of the original iSkin Revo that was arguably the most popular iSkin iPhone case. The iSkin Revo2 is basically a soft silicone case that slides around your iPhone (it fits nice and snuggly). In addition to the case that covers the body, the iSkin Revo2 comes with two choices for protecting your phone’s screen-a clear plastic film that you can attach directly to the screen or a plastic “ViSOR” shield that snaps onto your phone. With the film, you can use your iPhone right away, but with the ViSOR shield you will need to remove it and snap it onto the bottom of your phone. I generally use both-I put the ViSOR in my desk when I am at work or at home but put it on the phone when it is traveling in my pocket or in my backpack. Although you can’t use the phone with the ViSOR shield on, it is clear so you can see any alerts that pop up on your phone

While the silicone case doesn’t seem like anything all that special, upon closer inspection the iSkin Revo2 actually has some pretty nice features. It has a honeycombed texture that helps keep your iPhone from sliding when it is placed on angled surfaces. The case also has raised buttons that make it easy to adjust the volume and turn your phone on and off. The case also offers protection for the docking and headphone ports to keep moisture out. In addition to these features, iSkin says that the case is coated with a special anti-dust chemical. It’s hard to verify the accuracy of that claim, but my iPhone generally stays dust-free when I use this case.

In addition to these great core features, the iSkin Revo2 iPhone case comes in four different two-tone color combinations: black/black, red/black, blue/black, and frosted/black. The case also works with an optional revoClip that lets you put your iPhone on your belt. In addition, the clip can be used as a stand for watching videos.

The iSkin Revo2 typically sells for around $ 39.99. If you shop around locally or online, you may find it for less, Overall, it’s a great case that can help extend the life of your iPhone. Moreover, with the little details-such as the honeycombed texture-there are enough bells and whistles to make it worth spending the extra money to upgrade to the Revo2 over other cases. provides cover case for iPhone 3G and 3GS as well as blackberry cell phone. Get your special and low price iPhone 4 Cases now.