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A Legendary Story about Black Diamond

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by Giuseppe Milo (www.pixael.com)

A Legendary Story about Black Diamond

Black diamond (Carbonado) becomes the new favorite of fashion luxury-chasing people from the little-known, its black mysterious charm attract lots of jewelry-lover in the international jewelry market, unlike other diamonds, black diamond is non-transparent, the cause of color formation arouse many people’s curiosity. Because of the small number, it is more precious.

In recent years, black diamond has become a new trend in the jewelry field, a lot of jewelry designer like to use it to match other gems and diamonds, the most common is simple black and white match, this kind of sharp contrast combination have the unique sense of noble, the lustrous black surface also contain a stream of mysterious trait. In recently restoring ancient style, the jewelry of Victorian era is most popular and typical representatives, so black diamond becomes the new favorite. It is use not only in luxurious jewelry by jewelry, but also in valuable watch for decoration. British queen Victoria had always worn black jewelry for commemorating her husband since he died.

Black diamond often play leading role in many jewelry design works, its mysterious and noble qualities, added somehow luxurious and glamour taste for jewelry, its scarce quantity and fashion pronoun let it become the new favorite of fashion luxury-chasing people.

There are a few famous black diamonds in the world; one of them is “Black Orloff”, it is said that its former name is “Brahmaputra’s eye, it weighs 195 carats and it is embedded in a statue of Brahma’s eye in ancient India Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple. “Brahma” is the leading Hindu god of the three “the creator gods”, therefore it also called “the eye of creator”. According to legend, in order to break the curse of Brahma, it was divided into three, and shunted all over the world. One of the most famous is “Black Orloff”, in 18 century it came to Russia, became the treasure in jewelry box of princess Orloff. This is legend and cannot be confirmed, but the legendary story has been spread in jewelry field which add a strong sense of mystery for it.

“Black Orloff” is a piece of black grey diamond, weigh 67.50 carats. This weighs 67.50 carats diamond has been designed into necklace and it has been resold many times, now the New York diamond dealers Winston regard it as treasure and exhibited it all over around the world.

There are many natural color diamond including brown, pink, red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The color formation of most diamond is caused by the defects of crystal structure. Nitrogen and boron are the two common impurities that affect the diamond’s color, while the color formation of most untreated black and grey natural diamond is caused by the existence of mineral rather than the structural defects.

There are many gems are similar to black diamond such as black tourmaline, black garnet, and black corundum, etc. and all these gems can replace Carbonado in jewelry market by some evil-minded businessman, so watch out when you plan to buy one, it is suggested to bring your jewelry expect friend with you.


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