Making gold from Love Is In The Air festival

Making gold from Love Is In The Air festival

Good news for people who love hoarding, if you were lucky enough to get a bunch of Lovely Black Dresses during Love Is In The Air festival on World of Warcraft, you can make a lot of gold by selling it year-round. The Lovely Black Dress is a level 1 sexy, strapless black dress, it’s non-binding and quite rare.

Jonathan Kenins of Secret Warcraft talks about how profitable the Lovely Black Dress will be this year, he mentioned it in one of his podcasts, saying that it will increase in price even more this year, than the previous years.

Just a small caution though, these are not instant gold makers, they’re more of a year-round pipeline, a bit slow so patience is a must if you decide to make a market out of the Lovely Black Dress. Follow the standard rules of selling in the auction house, try to get as much gold as you can so your efforts don’t go to waste.

The cheapest way to get the Lovely Black Dress is during the Love Is In The Air festival, it’s practically free, all you have to do is complete the quest offered during this event. You can also get it from the auction house, preferrably during the festival because that is when the markets will be saturated by Lovely Black Dresses, so it’ll be at it’s cheapest.

A good price to buy the dress is for no more than 40g, it will be worth it throughout the year, because you will be able to sell it for much, much more. Because the Lovely Black Dress is quite a rare item and because there will be another quest that will require this item, people will be buying it for up to 250g this year, that’s a huge profit if you manage to acquire a couple. It’s definitely a good gold-maker, a bit slow in profits, but very high return. So look out for some good buys, and don’t forget to obtain Lovely Black Dresses next time Love Is In The Air comes around.

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