Mexico City Authorities Cover Up the Murder of Malcolm Latif Shabazz

Malcolm Latif Shabazz Assassination Protest El Angel Mexico City
Afro-Mexican Citizens Defense Committee marched and rallied for young Malcolm on June 9, a month after his assassination

AFRICANGLOBE – Now that the Mexico City Legislature is about to confirm another four-year term for Luis González Placencia as the head of the city’s Human Rights Commission, will he respond to complaints regarding the brutal murder of Malcolm X’s grandson Malcolm Latif Shabazz last May? Or will he continue to cover up this vicious crime the same way he’s done in the case of the violent death of the Nigerian resident in Mexico, Isaac Echinedu, that occurred precisely two years before?

Neighbors of The Palace Club report that the dive is about to be reopened under the name La Regadera, according to an article published recently in La Jornada. They say that “authorities in the Cuauhtémoc District speeded up the approval of permits for the reopening of the business” identified as a point for the sales and distribution of drugs and the business of prostitution.

According to an investigation done by the Mexico City District Attorney’s Office, “the owners of the business committed severe irregularities, such as the alteration of video cameras and the modification of the crime scene.”

According to Wilner Metelus of the Naturalized and Afro-Mexican Citizens Defense Committee, which has been demanding justice in the case from the beginning, the news is “one more proof of the corruption and complicity of the authorities with organized crime; it’s shameful and shows a lack of respect for all the citizens in the capital city and especially the Afro-Mexican community. Given their decision, we don’t believe anything they say about the results of the investigation into the death of our brother Malcolm Latif Shabazz.”

The Committee wonders if it’s true that Malcolm Latif Shabazz really died at The Palace Club. They point out that Miguel Mancera’s Mexico City government has refused to show the press a video revealing the way the young activist died. Despite a hunger strike that the Committee held for a week outside the city government offices, Mancera was not even willing to meet with them and finally sent more than 500 riot police to violently clear out both the hunger strikers and a nearby encampment demanding justice in the cases of student activists Carlos Sinuhé Cuevas and Mario González García.

In an interview, Metelus, who also participated in a hunger strike two years ago along with Isaac Echinedu’s widow, stated that the Committee wants to avoid what happened in that case when two cops identified in a video were jailed, followed by two more, but all were released without charges shortly thereafter. On June 20, 2012, Metelus received a (not so) indirect threat from one of the recently released cops who called him at his unlisted phone number to say, “I’m Juan Carlos Rosales and I’m free.”

“Both young brothers were 28 years old,” said Metelus. “They both died at Balbuena Hospital and probably on the same date, May 10. That Mother’s Day, Isaac had left a party a little after midnight and was waiting for a taxi near the San Antonio Abad subway station.

“Don’t an Afrodescendant have the right to hail a cab on the streets of Mexico City? It seems that some cops thought not because four of them harassed and then beat him badly. As he tried to escape, he was hit by a car.” Today all the cops enjoy total impunity. Miguel Mancera was the district attorney at the time and Manuel Mondragón y Kalb the chief of police. They both share responsibility in the hate crime. And Luis González Placencia and his Human Rights Commission have done absolutely nothing.

Now Mexico City authorities are following much the same pattern in the case of Malcolm Latif Shabazz. To make it appear that justice is being done, they’ve jailed two waiters who may have participated in beating him to death.

“But as of now,” says Metelus, “we don’t know if that’s what really happened or who is behind the death of this young man who was the grandson of one of the most outstanding human rights defenders of the past century – Malcolm X.

We want to see that video. We want an immediate response from the Human Rights Commission. We want Mancera tried for that violent police operation against the hunger strike. And we want a Truth Commission set up to investigate Malcolm Latif’s death, composed of both Mexican and international citizens. Those are our demands.”


By: Carolina


  1. I don’t know where this generation of Latinos are coming from. They certainly are not the same Latinos of my generation. But, what the vase majority of Latinos really believe and what the media propagandizes that they believe may very well be two different things. I think that the media is really getting their ‘talking points’ from Latino gangs who are often a bunch of uneducated and/or illiterates who don’t know their own history, let alone their people history right here in America, where they were Lynching Lations/Mexicans just like they were African Americans before the Civil Right Movement in this country brought about change. Or that before the Civil Rights Movement that Black people fought and died on the front lines of, they were not even allowed into this country 99.9% of the time and the ones that were/were here, racists had signs on their establishments banning their asses too, signs that often read, “No Niggers, No Dogs and No Mexicans” [notice where the Mexican came in the list]. Then there are these [Latino] “Mestizos”, i.e., bi-racials or that have some Spanish ancestry, who believe that the road to their being accepted by Whites in this country is predicated on their hating Black people [something every other minority that comes to this country is indoctrinated in under the false belief that racist Whites accept them]. So, you’re right, African Americans have not TRUE allies in America, and the Black Race has not one TRUE ally on this entire Planet. The sooner Black people every where on this planet recognize this, the sooner the Black race will no longer be oppressed, the sooner racist oppressors will not long be able to “keep their enemy close”.

  2. Too bad that America is so racist that we will probably never know if these Mexican “waiters” really beat him to death or if both countries are sacrificing them as scapegoats to cover up the assassination of the son of Malcolm X.

  3. I guess that its not about race thing didnt work out too well for Malcolm X grandson. Malcolm X family went to the crapper man its sad to see because Malcolm X deserved much more than that.

  4. All the more reason for Black people to NEVER go to Mexico, and to NEVER support amnesty for Hispanics…”Black and Brown unity” is a MYTH, and will not and should not ever happen, as Black people have NO allies in AmeriKKKa, or in the non-Black world!