Occupy What? Learn More About The Occupy Movement, It’s Strengths and Weaknesses and Hope For Change

Occupy What? Learn More About The Occupy Movement, It’s Strengths and Weaknesses and Hope For Change

Occupy What?


There seems to be a lot of fuss going around about the ‘Occupy Movement’ and it’s validity.


The fact is, there was a lot going around about the Tea Party Movement years back when it got started and what they were about and the effectiveness, if any was going to be cemented in place.


Especially the alternate news, conspiracy news and other news blog sites have been covering the Occupy Movement in great detail.


I’d like to start this article by drawing a comparison.


The Tea Party Movement seems to be fashioned after the ‘Boston Tea Party’ when this country was in its infancy and building ‘grass roots’.


Well, really, the Tea Party really was neither:


1) It really never got started.


2) Never built an effectual ‘grass roots’.


What happened:


They were shooting holes in individual’s homes they didn’t agree with and/or leaving a bullet behind as a ‘token’.


Insulting black public officials.


Even got the ‘vote’ of Sarah Palin or was that the other way around? She had the audacity to put a target on her website with a slogan to match. Basically threatening the opposition a tactic that usually has Federal Agents showing up at said authors doorstep and potential prosecution. All the while some nut that hacked into her private web email account landing a year in federal prison??!!??


Tea Party.


If they were anything that I was dreaming of for a positive solution, we’d have actually had a political candidate for President that we all could justify voting for.




Now we have ‘The Occupy Movement’


Same thing. Just that we all are more desperate now and with limited resources and possible limited recourse against a system that got us here and seems ineffective at moving us in the right direction -> Out of the mess we’re in.


Now, what the Occupy Movement lacks:


1) Focus.


The instigator of one of the mi-east movements said simply: “The Occupy Movement needs a thesis. Something that is simply, accurate and can effect positive change that the whole world can get behind and support.”


2) Leadership


They have none. Here is there website. If you’d call it that. At least that is all I could find.


Without the right direction, they ain’t going anywhere.


3) Organization.


Word on the street from some sources in California, first hand, a couple of rallies, it seemed dismal. The Occupy Movement was a disorganized bunch of hippies camping out leaving basically an environmental hazard behind.


Simply what are they about? What do they do? What are the solutions versus the issues? Who’s in charge? Do they have a representative that can speak for them? Do they have a ‘meter’ or a ‘standard’ to judge the results of our elected officials work on the issues they are protesting over?


So now we are at a serious place in Americas history, with a number of countries seeking and gaining reforms through similar movements like the occupy movement, we really do have a critical need for radical change our country from the top down. Hopefully the occupy movment will help facilitate this change.


Occupy Movement – Please get organized.

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