A Pearl Pioneer to Shut Its Doors

A Pearl Pioneer to Shut Its Doors

In the world of jewelry, pearls are often misrepresented and under appreciated. That’s why when a retailer who showcases the individual and diverse beauty of this gemstone hits the market, people take notice. This was definitely the case when Tiffany and Co. launched their Iridesse line of pearls. It was a truly unique store to bring pearls back to consumers with a vengeance.

Iridesse was a store with all the beauty and sophistication of Tiffany and Co. but was strictly pearls. They offered a complete line of pearl jewelry for every budget. Iridesse sold a wide variety of cultured pearls in every setting imaginable. Their collection included beautiful Tahitian and Golden South Sea pearl necklaces perfect for any party, freshwater pearl cluster drop earrings for a night on the town and classic Akoya pearl strands for any special occasion.

Their devotion to the presentation and preservation of pearls was an inspiration to jewelers everywhere and it was sad news when Tiffany and Co. announced they were closing all of the Iridesse stores. Their selection of beautiful pearls mixed with their legendary customer service set the bar for pearl dealers everywhere. Iridesse showcased the most beautiful pieces of pearl jewelry and brought this classic gemstone to the forefront of fashion once more.

Typically, competition can be harmful to retailers selling similar merchandise but Iridesse was a gateway. Pearls have once again become trendy and fashionable so even though Iridesse may be closing their doors, this leaves the market wide open for other retailers to step up. Celebrities, high ranking officials and everyday consumers are snatching up pearls left and right. They can be seen on the red carpets, movies, political gatherings and corporate offices.

Even with the economy in a slump, it’s the perfect time for jewelers to really examine what consumers want from their pearls and deliver. Multi strand statement necklaces, sleek and sophisticated black Tahitian pearls and the ever classic white Akoya pearl is storming the fashion world. Michelle Obama’s official portrait was released and she is wearing her trademark double strand pearl necklace. Pearls can be seen everywhere and retailers have a big opportunity to give consumers some beautifully designed jewelry.

That is exactly what some retailers are doing – designing and selling unique, bold pearl accessories that stray far from the classic single strand of white beads. The internet has taken over the retail world and online jewelers are becoming ever popular. They have the ability to reach a base of consumers that far reaches specialty boutiques. Many of them offer a wide range of selections, much like Iridesse, and at every price point.

As the economy makes is slow creep upwards and retailers begin to move back into the black, women everywhere will be looking to snatch up new accessories to their abandoned jewelry boxes. So, while Iridesse may be closing its doors, it paves the way for other retailers to expand their collection of pearls in order to keep up with their increasing popularity.

Piper Smith is the VP of Marketing for Museum Way Pearls, a leading provider of pearl jewelry such as Tahitian pearls, Akoya pearls, and black pearls. Museum Way Pearls can be found online at: MuseumWayPearls.com .