What makes a ‘platinum’ or ‘black’ American Express credit card so good?

What makes a ‘platinum’ or ‘black’ American Express credit card so good?

American Express has a platinum card which is reserved for the truly affluent. However the truly, truly affluent can own a centurion card [sometimes known as a black card] and this has even more status, kudos and spending power than the platinum.

Mind you the platinum is not too shabby. It comes with a range of perks such as free travel insurance and additional cards for family members – each of whom is entitled to various perks.

The ultimate black card is not for the average 9 to 5 worker, the guy or gal with a handy or basic take-home pay. You need to be seriously wealthy to be invited to join the exclusive club designed for owners of the Amex Centurion or as it is commonly known, the black card. It costs to join both in the form of a one-off fee and a sizeable annual fee but then those costs are more like loose change to those who have the black plastic in their wallet or purse.

There are benefits to make your eyes water. It has been rumoured that the top Amex cards allow the holders to purchase almost anything up to and including jet planes. And speaking of planes, one benefit for centurion card holders is that if they buy an international airline ticket with a certain carrier, the cardholder receives an additional ticket – a sort of buy one get one free deal. Likewise if you stay one night in certain upmarket hotels and of course pay with your card, you are entitled to another night’s accommodation free.

Of course if you are wealthy, buying exclusive brands of goods and clothing may be a mere bagatelle and with your Amex high-flying cards, shopping can too can be a breeze. You see with your black Amex card, you are entitled to have someone do the actual shopping for you; you are entitled to a personal shopping assistant.
You get upgrades on many flights and access to a large number of clubs both for flying and driving purposes.

One thing budding Amex upmarket cardholders need to determine concerns the rules and benefits in their own country. The joining and annual fees and the many perks vary from country to country. Not that paying a little more here and there will trouble you but it’s nice to know these things in advance.

Centurion and Platinum cardholders get free exclusive journals describing benefits and new activities and products. Studies show that the majority of cardholders at this upper end of the market own several properties, are predominantly male, travel a great deal and are obviously wealthy. Welcome aboard.

If you had to make a choice on which credit card was best for you, it would be incredibly difficult, without any useful banking information