Porch Swings by Great American Woodies

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by szeke

Porch Swings by Great American Woodies

Great American Woodies, a subdivision of Richey Industries, has been making porch swings for 20 years. They pride themselves in making some of the finest, outdoor casual furniture on the market today. Their porch swings, and other outdoor furniture, is represented by five distinct style collections. Lets take a look at these five lines of outdoor furniture and what sets them apart from the others.

Southern Cypress is one of the first lines of outdoor furniture that Great American Woodies started manufacturing. Cypress was originally chosen because it has a natural compound that helps stop decaying caused from the natural environment. The wood is quality crafted and kiln dried, making it extremely durable and rugged. Great American Woodies has a very broad collection. In just the porch swings they offer a variety of styles: horizontal planks, vertical planks, Adirondack, Savannah and Mission style, hanging porch swings and regular benches and free standing swinging benches.

Western Red Cedar was the other original line of porch swings. It is also kiln dried using a select grade of cedar. Each piece is dipped in an oil stain that gives it lasting beauty and durability. This stain gives the cedar a warmth and beauty that anyone is sure to love. I can easily picture any of the pieces from this collection in a wooded surrounding, whether it be a cabin or a lodge

Cottage Classics came along later, and with its classic colors and a natural distressed look. This line has a classic, hand finished cottage look. It is made of kiln dried cypress in which the wood is colored with stain, not painted. SInce the color is stain, the wood fibers actually absorb the color so it cannot peal like a paint. The stain colors available include white, sage, Newport blue, barn red, black and a creamy yellow. This line would be perfect in a small, English country cottage with your swing nestled among the flowers.

The Nantucket Collection brought rich and vibrant colors to Great American Woodies porch swings. It is made from the hardwood, alder, which is also a very durable wood. Each piece is finished in a multi-coat, high gloss, water based enamel. The Nantucket line comes in beautiful and bold decorator colors, such as earthbound green, surf white, barn red, black, Newport blue, sage and creamy yellow. Though designed for the outdoors, the Nantucket line is designed for covered areas only.

The Lifestyle collection was just recently introduced in 2007. Richey Industries brought their design experience to manufacturing poly-resin porch swings and other outdoor furniture pieces. The poly resin they use is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which lasts a really long time. This furniture is designed for comfort and comes in four popular colors: white, green, sand and black. This is a great alternative to wood, but still looks great. And Richey Industries offers one of the largest selections, both in depth and breadth, of poly-resin outdoor furniture on the market today.

The hardware used, in all five collections, is marine stainless hardware and fasteners which is designed to withstand adverse weather without rusting. Besides swings, Great American Woodies also offers a wide range of other outdoor furniture, including tables, chairs and loungers in different sizes and styles. Regardless of what collection catches your attention, any of these styles of porch swings will enhance your outdoor living space.