Racial Profiling Gone Wrong: Bigot Cops Didn’t Recognize Off-Duty Chief

  • Andrea Kyles

    Where is the story?

  • Thanks I will try that.

  • DjLarryLuv

    as a young black man, i gotta say your absolutely right. My MBA says it’s a good marketing strategy for click baiting but you can avoid it by clicking tweet and not sending the tweet.Just close the box


    Death to all honkeys

  • medusa7ful .

    I’m sure he told you were only doing your job. Smurk.

  • medusa7ful .

    If there being shot the NYPD is doing it!!

  • Actually, I suspect it is a good article but I won’t promote it until I read it, not the other way around.

  • Tony Mitchell

    Yes. Things are so different now than 2008

  • Tony Mitchell

    Your level of denial is off the charts

  • sukottokun

    Click the “tweet” but don’t actually send it, just close the window.

  • Edward M. Fraraccio

    Timing matters, especially in this case. Thank you for the clarification.

  • I absolutely, under no circumstance, will ever share something before I have a chance to read it. I would like to read this article but it isn’t worth it. Frankly, it is a cheap way to try to get an audience in my opinion.

  • Derrick Washington

    Where is the story?

  • [email protected]

    You get the first black president and white America lose there damn minds period

  • Cgreg Mcqueen
  • Eagle Eye Dimensions

    This is not the first time this has happened to a black police officer in New York , City.

  • Larry

    How the hell do you not recognize your Chief THESE TWO BIGOTS WERE BLIND AND DUMB !!!! Guess they never planned on kissing the bosses ass lol !!!!

  • Wheres the story???

  • WELL-They know it been going on all the TIME!!!!But only when they do it among them self…

  • This actually happened in 2008. One of the cops was fired, the other one was suspended.

  • Racial profiling can go wrong now? I didn’t know that, and I’m trying to remember when it went right ever… Are bigots writing about bigots now?

  • Fire the pink pale monkey’s

  • Malcolm Wright

    I actually really respect what this site represents, and really want to read this article, but i just can’t stand the expectation that i share something before i even read the article. This is the sort of thing i probably WOULD share as long as i was given the opportunity to read it and judge it’s content for myself. This sort of message is important, and locking it behind a pyramid scheme of sharing is not serving the message.

  • This is pathetic

  • Where is the rest of the story? Headline no story. Why post this without the actual details of the event.

  • Proof we all are Targeted, Black males that is.

  • SonsOfNatTurner

    Corrupt police culture fosters a “us vs them” mentality with an attitude that the cops are the good guys and everyone else is a potential bad guy. The exception is that if you are a black or brown male you are automatically assumed to be a bad guy.

    Too many black police officers buy into the police blue wall of silence in the face of blatant and wanton race-based police misconduct, even against fellow officers. For those that do they deserve to be treated like this black Deputy Chief was treated.

    Due to financial necessity after a job loss, I was a cop for about three years in Virginia during the mid-1990s. At the Police Academy they used the full twenty plus minutes (not the typical 20 second news snippet) Rodney King beating video to train us on the proper technique of using the police baton. We were told to observe that every single blow made by those LAPD officers were done with the proper technique.

  • Where is the article it’s jus full of ads. Wtf?

  • Stephen Bellinger

    Black police officers in NYC are shot, and there is no accountability, so why should this be any different

  • Kkk cops i told u abouth them in queens

  • Is there anyone surprised?!

  • In French we say “tomber un os”!

  • How do you read the article??

  • Ha! Ha! It it is utter stupidity not to follow life’s number 1 rule: even with an underwear, the boss remains the boss. But then again being a low level bottom feeder, donuts eater and bigot is not a sign of intelligence either.

  • Lmao I hope he’s proud of his men.

  • Serve them right!

  • Good!!! Someone should be fired!!!!

  • That police ran into the wrong one

  • ACLU 90% of people pulled over Black or Latin? Its not racism is lack of “Unity”? You serious to arent you. You want to Unit with racist? HUH? Boy good luck with that tell me how that works out for you.

  • I tell anyone this, I am a black man, I know what we go through and I know how people try to dismiss it and they start talking about “God” and “unity” playing on this fantasy world that will never happen. I live in Reality. You work on your Unity, I will work on trying to create Black Power to remove White power of my black ass. And once whites decide you are no longer necessary on this planet we will see what Unity has got you.

  • “Unity” <<< another abstraction in the fast of a racist reality.

  • Fred Murtz made no sense. Its funny how even when racism happens people are in denial.


  • This happened 5 years ago. Not that it is okay but I wonder why this is making the rounds again like it’s new news


  • Oh yes and this is not the only one of it’s kind. 60 Minutes covered a story several years ago and was ugly. I’m sure there are more.

  • What is wrong with our skin?? what is wrong with the black skin????

  • Chief can’t get RESPECT, so what does that say would be expected for the common man out on the street, umm

  • Wow, this should show them that if they would do this to a highly ranked official then what they care about doing this to our sons….

  • LOL

  • IT’S ON Y’ALL / USA beyou in a suit or shorts you in your SKIN Y’ALL USA USA USA

  • No this tells you what happens to people who refuse to unite in every city we live in on the planet!

  • Every day stuff!


  • So who’s word are they taking now? Do you feel lucky, lol

  • You are CORRECT Tyrone Mack!!!! Some don’t believe shit stinks until they are neck deep in it!!! Har-de-har-har!!!!!

  • Well they don’t respect Black men in a ragged car or a nice car. I would have to double check but it was an official car he was in not his personal car. But this happens all the time with black detectives. How many under cover black cops are killed shot to death cause these white cops don’t have control. They believe every black man with a gun is the enemy.

  • Well, well, WELL!!!!! I see that Racial Profiling is STILL alive & well up in NYC!!!!!! Those two should be placed on DESK DUTY from now on!!! Strip those two of badges & sidearms, and start an investigation into ALL their cases!!!

  • obviously you can

  • is there a racial profiling gone right?

  • Everything African Globe posts is sadly plagiarized. Whenever I see a headline, I google it and find the original article- from Al Jazeera, The Guardian, The Independent, and a whole host of other media sites. It’s an outright cut and paste every time. The real way to blog news is to write your own commentary on a linked article that readers can access, and say from the outset, ” this piece in the New York Times…, etc. It’s plagiarism and copyright violation to do any other way. Peace.

  • Definitely plagiarized…. And sadly no nothing has changed not in the last 5 years or 50. Racism is just covert now instead overt.

  • 1 ? that always haunts my mind. Within Police Departments, nigger is used in conversations of derision, it can be documented. Christopher Dorner raised this question with his Memo To America Re: Last Resort. i see police officers in the warrior class. i asked, how R these warrior class collectively subdued to accept this environment?

  • This actually happened in May of 2008, Chief Ziegler retired in 2010 and in 2011 Douglas Zeigler has been named the new head of security for MTA.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ex-nypd-chief-douglas-zeigler-appointed-run-mta-security-article-1.150599#ixzz2adTX1tyl

  • Very instructive in demonstrating the racism that is so active at all levels in this society. It would be helpful though to point out that this happened in 2008, just so people don’t mistakenly think they are sharing a new outrageous story with others. Not that anything has changed, but still there is too much deception in media already, few know how to discern reliable news. You should also give credit to the original news source you are re-blogging the story from.


  • First thing to come to mind is KRS-One’s “Black Cop”….

  • wow

  • Hide behind the police uniform all you want, you still just another black man to these people

  • Stopped and frisked the wrong negro today ha ha idiots

  • Can you spell U N E M P L O Y M E N T ????

  • That tells you a lot racial profiling is real

  • Wow – smdh … although to be fair, they Unconstitutionally order everyone to to show ID, stop & frisk, and to get out of their car. If he’s the head honcho then maybe he should change HIS policies… having a badge does NOT grant special privileges.