The Samsung Galaxy S3 hit the Market in Black Color

The Samsung Galaxy S3 hit the Market in Black Color

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has again popped up in the market in black color and the Car phone Warehouse possesses the inventory of black Galaxy S3. So very soon the appreciators of S3 would soon obtain the handset in black striking or attractive color. The smart phone is planned within Car phone Warehouse’s internal product record according to the news moreover no other information is listed. Earlier it was launched in white and pebble blue color but this time the snaps of black S3 are exhibited on the Samsung Face book page.

The South Korean tech giant has uploaded the photographs that seem to exhibit a noir-hued version of its quad-core smart phone. During the Olympics the white color handset was displayed to relocate information by means of S Beam or the NFC technology. The Galaxy S3 in black possesses a lusterless matt finish which set the gadget quite apart from the shinning blue and white S3.At the launching time period of the blue version handset it faced numerous of manufacturing problems. As Samsung desire of getting some different kind of blue called the fancy Dan. At the European tech trade show the Samsung unveiled a new hue of Galaxy S3.

Moreover Samsung has confirmed earlier that the company would be launching the Galaxy Note 10.1 by the end of this month in a grand event. At IFA the technology gigantic can also launch the Galaxy Note 2 which possesses a speedy processor, enhanced camera and a huge screen. At present the company is busy with Apple due to the continuing court case in opposition to Apple which states that August is a busy month. Looking at the photographs at the Samsung Mobile page shows that the black S3 looks same like the white version.

The images of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals @ might be smart fakes and not the exact picture from Samsung or maybe the consequence of a trial product. Samsung has one quality that the company is fond of introducing innovative colors for its handsets. Moreover the company has come out with the pink Galaxy S2 especially for its mobile fans. People who are fond of black color must be waiting for this handset or if you are looking for some another then wait for some time.
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