Shameful: Malcolm X’s Daughter Had To Seek Funding From Qatar For Documentary About His Life

Shameful: Malcolm X's Daughter Had To Seek Funding From Qatar For Documentary About His Life
IIyasha Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm X

AFRICANGLOBEIlyasah Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm X, the celebrated African-American leader and civil rights activist, is seeking support from Qatar for a $6m project to produce a documentary on the life and legacy of her father.

Shabazz, a motivational speaker actively involved in a number of social and educational projects for youth empowerment delivered a lecture at Qatar’s Education City on Sunday on the topic “An Islamic perspective on the transformative power of education: continuing the legacy of Malcolm X”.

The lecture at the Student Center was hosted by the Qatar Faculty of  Islamic Studies and the Center for the Study of Contemporary Muslim  Societies at Hamad bin Khalifa University.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines, Shabazz said she is currently working on two major projects; The WAKE-UP Tour, an exclusive programme for youth empowerment and a documentary on the life and legacy of Malcolm X.

Malcolm X’s gulf Journey

“My father had travelled across the Middle East and influenced many people in the region. For the documentary, we will interview people in the Arab world who met him personally and cherish memories about his life and legacy,” said Shabazz.

She said she was expecting support for the project from Qatar, especially from Qatar Foundation.

“We and Qatar Foundation share similar goals and values in education and youth empowerment,” said Shabazz.

The $6m documentary project, launched by the family of Malcolm X is expected to be completed by 2014, she said.

Commenting on the legacy of her father, she said the greatest contribution of Malcolm X was to make the African-Americans aware of their roots and their identity. His message was universal, not parochial.

Asked if the election of Barack Obama as the American president had made any difference in the lives of Black Americans, Shabazz said: “It has made a difference. Four years ago nobody could imagine a Black American could ever become the president of America.”

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    Please find funding elsewhere. Qatar isn’t much bigger than my city. Rich yes, but there has to be other places or people who can fund her project.

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  • Sincerae Smith
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    Qatar (Gutter) is a den of devils!

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    yah a muslim, not an arab, so shame on us black people

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    Qatar funded Islamic militants who killed innocent people in Libya, and they also fund them in Syria where they are training kids to kill.

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    No shame in it all because the great Malcolm X was a muslim minister while he was alive.

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    Where is the so-called black unity in america.

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    Oh no!