Sophia Stewart, The Real Creator Of ‘The Matrix’, Wins Billion Dollar Copyright Case

  • Barry Jerkins

    About time….

  • Mike Marley
  • Jordan Forbes

    This story is a hoax by the way

  • Jordan Forbes

    Donald E mason, why does everything have to be about race.

  • Jordan Forbes

    Donald E Mason, why does everything have to be about race

  • Lito Byle

    Joann Carol

  • Marcus Coleman

    Go sista go!

  • Rosalind Weathers

    YED THATS WAS LONG BUT–it is over GEE!!!!!…

  • Linn Love

    Mosley El Marissa

  • Frank Alexander

    Daniel Richard JosephJihan AmerKara Saklofske

  • Guest
  • Lesitsi Tladi

    Well done Sophia

  • Faay Samateh

    Well done Sophia…Get what you desserved…

  • Eagle Eye Dimensions

    I’m glad that she won.

  • Lonene Crawford


  • Seven Tillman

    I’m not a gang member, but I’m “c-walking” for her , right now!

  • Richard Franklin

    Hell I’m still fighting Franklin v BNSF 1999

  • Mujahid Malikulmulk

    WhoooPeee! Need a strong man to carry them cash filled briefcases! Ah’m jok’n! Now all that’s necessary is to collect on the judgement.

  • Shambra N Clayton Worthey

    Not so fast there Tonto! This is not true. What Stewart had won was the right to proceed with her case, but nothing more.

  • Fataah Ewe’


  • Charles Traylor

    I remember Interviewing Her in 2004,very compelling evidence,glad to see her getting her Economic Justice!!!

  • Jharryd Rhyse

    That is so weird since their were two other completely separate, but concurrent intellectual properties with the exact same premise.

  • Dennis Spurling

    Justice delayed……is still justice.

  • Douglas E Pendleton

    Not true at all. This article or on like it pops up once a year spouting this.

  • Terry Baruti


  • Vern Risby

    Not sure I believe it..Produce the court documents

  • Bedinat Davis

    Congrats! Winner ooo! Also thank you because the battle that you fought and won amounts to a win for all of us. You are a Winner!

  • Leo B Venzen

    Yes, it does! But having been in the legal field, this is not necessarily unusual.

  • Donald E Mason


  • Donald E Mason

    Thanks for taking a bite out of Hollywood which is known to miss use and abuse people of color……………………

  • Donald E Mason


  • Donald E Mason

    I hope Sophia Stewart that you spend your money well because a lot of people did not think all this was of your creation. We’ve got it, always have but getting credit for it has been was problematic………………………

  • Hurray Ayche

    she wanted Will Smith to play Neo. If I remember the case correctly, this is where they also got the idea for the terminator from it is supposed to be a prelude to the matrix the machines come after the humans then the humans go after the machines. There is nothing false about this case. Go youtube it if you think i’m lying.

  • MsKimberly Bell Ellis

    Get your money.

  • Leo Beckford

    Good job girl,

  • Carolyn Greene

    Case started in 1999, and it’s 2015! WTF. Justice for Black folks takes entirely too long!

  • Estella Cohen

    Geee. Glad this continuing story has an ending and we can say The Matrix was written by a Black woman!!!!

  • Nkosi Yafeu

    Please read the legal documents about case. You see in the legals documents that guys was denied a patient for the matrix, also lied to the judge, the studio tried to settle out of court and wanted a gags order in place! The reason you not hearing about this on the news because the movie was base off black woman book and also check Sophia new book Maxtrix 4.

  • Kozmik MagiSage Gift

    About justice served congratulations

  • Natanamonét Hardeau-Bread

    I heard this was a fraud. Wish there was more info/proof. But I think this was a case of false accusation

  • Nathaniel Dadawele Thomas

    This is not true. Please fact check!

  • WT Falden

    Unless I am confused. The case was thrown out in 2005. She lost.

  • Xavian King Zae Jones

    Sad to say but its false.

  • Sangodare Egunjobi Ifasina

    The article just has a headline with no story when clicking the link

  • Robert Jackson

    They have been say this for along time, why has this not been put in world wide publication? ??

  • Ordell Thompson

    I’m so happy for her!

  • Togbi Kwame Afari

    Well deserved.

  • Michael Rainey

    Great and Best Wishes!

  • Jeanne Strigotte-Bowden

    Hooray for Justice and Sophia

  • Hsm Dyette

    Never heard of her nor about the law suit but I love the Terminator and Matrix movies. To find out that they were based on the work of a Black woman is amazing. Congratulations to Ms. Sophia Stewart for creating some of the best SY FY that was brought to the big screen.

  • Mervyn Julius Matthias Douglas

    The cracKKKers just cannot stop stealing from us! JUSTICE AT LAST.

  • Alabi Ayodele

    Good news to all beautiful and hard-working Black woman/Goddess all over the World!!!

  • Kiki Shoal

    Amazing news !!

  • Fataah Ewe’

    Excellent–respect is in that.

  • Rayfield Angrum