Sophia Stewart, The Real Creator Of ‘The Matrix’, Wins Billion Dollar Copyright Case

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  • Michael Rainey

    Great and Best Wishes!

  • Jeanne Strigotte-Bowden

    Hooray for Justice and Sophia

  • Hsm Dyette

    Never heard of her nor about the law suit but I love the Terminator and Matrix movies. To find out that they were based on the work of a Black woman is amazing. Congratulations to Ms. Sophia Stewart for creating some of the best SY FY that was brought to the big screen.

  • Mervyn Julius Matthias Douglas

    The cracKKKers just cannot stop stealing from us! JUSTICE AT LAST.

  • Alabi Ayodele

    Good news to all beautiful and hard-working Black woman/Goddess all over the World!!!

  • Kiki Shoal

    Amazing news !!

  • Fataah Ewe’

    Excellent–respect is in that.

  • Rayfield Angrum