Sophia Stewart, The Real Creator Of ‘The Matrix’, Wins Billion Dollar Copyright Case

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    Stop locking out content!

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    Big Surprise, the most unoriginal people always stealing from the original people.

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    Spot on Keith

  • Andrew

    The media is teaching racism, racism doesn’t exist if it was taught. Plus we’re all the same. Why do you think everyone is turning on each other, because they program you to think racism exist, even program you through altered history books, the world is a lie, a corrupt business.

    They’re creating a luciferian psyop agenda one side of the world and a haven/heaven for the rich billionaires/trillionaires on the other side of the world, we’ve helped enslaved/build their kingdom and dream machines they don’t need us anymore, reason why they patent modified seeds because they can’t patent natural seeds.

    The modified seeds from the food they grow will bypass the pesticides and poison to continue to grow for consumers/sales/consumption or otherwise the natural seed/plant/food will not grow and will raise question which it has been. The world is being run’d by these stupid luciferians that want to depopulate more than 90% of the world and keep the really poor and really rich and eliminate the middle class.

    That’s what’s going on and we allow it to continue. It’s beyond me why we let it continue but everyone needs to wake up unless you want to not live a long happy life because they made it clear/obvious what’s going on.

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    Yay for this young lady who won her rights to her own story. You guys seem to have strayed off topic.

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  • Javan Onguru
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    Sorry to rain on the parade, everyone.

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    Good to see Someone talking about the topic

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    You Knew this was a BLACK Page
    So What did you Expect The Discussion to be about.
    Unless you are denying Black is a Race One would expect everything on this page to be about race , the Black Race in particular.

    I assume if you posted a topic about Chinese everyone would be asking what that have to do with “Black Globe”

    It seems you maybe want to start a fight that don’t need to be fought.. maybe try the White Globe page and see what they are discussing

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    You Know this is a Black Globe June Teenth Kinda Page.
    Didn’t you
    think the Name “BLACK” meant most of the stuff posted here would be
    about race and color and economics facing the Black community and

    Or did you Missed the Title of the page.
    Not an Author and first time here.. But I figured that one Out

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    Yesssss tell him!!!

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    The story is false, she didn’t get shit. Save your dance.

  • Luqman Abdullah Sudan

    In 1850 black people owned less than 1/2 of one percent of all wealth in this country. In 2015 it is exactly the same! So what does it mean we have a black president? Sit your ass down somewhere and STFU.

  • Luqman Abdullah Sudan

    No excuses, just plain old “blind to the reality of others” once again. You CAUCASIANS are the most hypocritical ,violent, and heartless people on the planet. BLACK people have had to fight to learn how to read, to go to school, to use a toilet, to vote, to not be hung, raped, or molested, to be treated like other human beings and we have been denied. Excuses? You people are full of excuses; You can’t work here, you can’t live here, you can’t eat here, you can’t go to church hete, etc. There are no good white folks, they would be fighting the bad ones that make you all look like devils.

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    sit the fuck down Michel, If you paid attention instead of group think you would see that every time that he’s done some thing for the black race, one either it wont get a lot of air time, or two and the most common, white folks get their panties in a bunch. Every time black folks do some thing positive white folks fuck it up. The Vice Lords, The Black Panthers, Tulsa Ok. the black wall street, Even Central Park was taken from black people when they seen we were doing for our selves. Don’t get it twisted, Obama has done more for our race than any other president in history! Get your facts straight!

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    ummmm, first of all just because there is a black president doesn’t mean we’ve moved forward, it means that white amerikkka got a black president. Let’s address this……ever since there has been a black president the GOP and others have come out the wood works showing their true colors. Also, explain to me why white amerikkka refuses to acknowlege what’s going on today? You white folks run your mouth and so quick to either dismiss or trivialize the current institutional and cultural racism that currently exist today? I’ll just drop this tidbit here for you to mull over

    Now, please explain away WHY is it when two people, one black one white, can commit the same crime, yet the black person will get harsher sentence. Explain to me why is it that a black child will be more likely to be expelled for the same offense than that of a white child. Why is it that a person with a “black” sounding name is less likely to be hired than that of a person with a white sounding name……explain this to me. So, for the bullshit rebuttal…..”we have a black president…..” no bitch, YOU have a black president. Because every time he does do some thing for black people, white folks along with shit like fox news are all in an uproar. This is how you white folks always been. How many black wall streets that white amerikkka destroyed? How many black people have died by the hands of the police, how come we don’t hear black police killing white people? How come the police wont treat suburbanites that same as the low income or inner city. You would figure that in this day of the information age with this thing called the world wide web, you’d figure that mental midgets like your self would do some research first before you start spouting cookie cutter white privilege poor excuse of a defense. No go sit the fuck down and stop trivializing our plight!

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    shut the fuck up you. =/

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    All the stupid-white-jesus nonsense aside, good.

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    This black woman knows not all white people are racists.But that doesn’t mean racism shouldn’t be called out when it happens.And yes, thanks to a majority of good white people we do now have a good president who happens to be black, who is for the people.

  • Carrie Lynn Steptoe

    Sounds about right.Always taking something for their own and not giving credit where it’s due.Glad she fought for it.

  • Michel W. Smith

    We have a Black president that has done nothing to mend racial tensions….instead, he has done much to increase racial tensions. Just because someone doesn’t THINK like he does, he calls them racists! If I don’t agree with you, I actually have my own opinion….haha! What a novel idea! My own opinion….or am I not allowed to have one?

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    How is it numerically possible to be the 3rd largest media company while owning 95% of the media. That exaggeration is no where near close.

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    I’m not a racist, but…
    I’m not an anti-semite, but…
    I’m not homophobic, but…


  • YouAllAreStupid

    This is 2015. When are black people going to accept the fact that not all white people are racist and that they can’t blame white people for their own failures or misgivings? We have a black President! What’s your excuse now?

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  • YouAllAreStupid

    That doesn’t even make any sense. =

  • YouAllAreStupid

    “It is currently the world’s third largest television networks and filmed TV & entertainment company in terms of revenue (behind Comcast and The Walt Disney Company), and at one time was the world’s largest media conglomerate. The current company consists largely of the assets of the former Warner Communications, as well as HBO (a Time Inc. subsidiary prior to the Warner merger) and the assets of Turner Broadcasting (acquired in 1996). Time Warner currently has major operations in film and television, with a limited amount of publishingoperations. Among its subsidiaries are New Line Cinema, HBO, Turner Broadcasting System, The CW Television Network, Warner Bros., Kids’ WB, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Adult Swim, CNN, DC Comics,Warner Bros. Animation, Cartoon Network Studios, Hanna-Barbera, Esporte Interativo, Castle Rock Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios.

    In the past, other major divisions of Time Warner included Time Inc., AOL, Time Warner Cable, Warner Books, and Warner Music Group. All of these operations were either sold to other investors or spun off as independent companies between 2004 and 2014.”

    I’d say they were pretty close.

  • YouAllAreStupid

    “This is a moment in black history for our students” to realize that they should fact check before blindly following posts on the Internet. KaiEr69 is right. This isn’t true. But you go on right ahead and keep believing it. The struggle is real! And it’s a struggle to teach the stupid people to stop believing everything they read on the Internet.

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  • KaiEr69

    Sorry, but it’s simply not true. Take a look at some of the other
    comments (the ones not race baiting) and you will see the links. This
    has been a dead story since 2004. There was no payout, she brought a
    suit against them and then never showed up to court. It was nothing
    more than a hoax and an attempt to cash in on others work.

    Please tell me the editorial staff has a bit more experience than to throw out an 11 year old hoax as being current news. Fact check people… fact check. Especially before you start throwing out things in an attempt at riling people about the unfair treatment of blacks.

  • KaiEr69

    Sorry, but it’s simply not true. Take a look at some of the other comments (the ones not race baiting) and you will see the links. This has been a dead story since 2004. There was no payout, she brought a suit against them and then never showed up to court. It was nothing more than a hoax and an attempt to cash in on others work.

  • Mike S.

    False. Stop spreading lies in order to sow discontent.


    People ask, are you working hard or working smart? I tell them, I work with a fight to get what is mine.


    They on 95% of the media, the real story was dead in the water.


    I think so


    I don’t know if the Sophia Stewart twitter account is real. I’m only using it because it is the only one up to follow. If you haven’t heard who she is by now you are about to. Sophia Stewart is the screen writer for The Matrix, all of its sequels, The Terminator, and all of its sequels. Her works were stolen and the case was recently resolved with a 2.5 billion dollar pay out. I would like to mention there is a questionable go fund me account up in her name. I will not pass this information on to have people fall victim to a scam of some sort. It could be legit. But who should stand to gain from it? A woman that is now 2.5 billion dollars richer or a fraud? Congratulations to Ms. Stewart. This is a moment in black history for our students. I would like to tell our future generation to, “Work hard with a fight.“ @derrickuniverse

  • Jason Newell

    This artice is 2 years old and not true.

  • miked9746

    Then she had to go and ruin it all by mentioning her imaginary sky fairy… How embarrassing.

  • Keith Nicholson

    Fist of all, Caucasians don’t make everything about race, assholes do, and racists. Black people, make things about race as well, as you just did. The point being, it’s people that suck, not the races. Let’s get that part clear. How come no one is talking big shit about the Wakowski brother/sister? How about the fact that they’re some fucked up assholes who steal shit….Let’s just settle for the fact that we know of two assholes in this story, and keep the race war out of it.

    Also, that’s not to negate all the fucked up racists out there, because there’s plenty of them. But don’t go throwing entire races under the bus because of other people’s actions.

  • Luqman Abdullah Sudan

    I can answer that, cause caucasians MAKE everything about race. You are oblivious as a people to the suffering, attrocities, and oppression of people of color that white people inflict on us. Every incident we have to fact check to see if the only reason for our horrible treatment is not because of the color of our skin. Lastly, this is 2015, when are white people going to accept the fact that there are other nationalities on earth and in this country? Grow up!

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    Because it is, man. I’m a white dude and I know this.

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    Great article glad she won.Yeah!## #? Thx 4 sharing

  • I do not share content unless I have read it.

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    Reminds me of Flash of Genius.

  • Keith Thompson

    Tine warner does not own 95 percent of the media. Please obstain from using exaggerations to get your point across.

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    OK , so um urban legend read the real and stop rerposting stuff before you know whats really up

  • evlanton

    I don’t think this story is true.

  • Kevin Boykins

    Misdirection all the time.. They steal our ideas, inventions, creations and cry that is not true… We are as gifted and talented as any other race but they only focus on the negative to keep us down (and some of us fall for the trick)…..Good job young lady

  • Toni

    Cha-CHING, yea and amen! I couldn’t be happier for the Sister. Best wishes for her future!

  • Roger Dale Hawkins, Jr.

    yeeeahhhhh, didn’t happen. My friends, when reading “news” on the internet always dig a bit deeper. Often, the truth is right in front of your face and even just a wee bit of Google’ing will reveal the TRUTH. Example:

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    You make people who come to your site click on a social media link before giving them access to content? (content that is already littered with ads, mind you.)

    No thanks. I’ll look for the story elsewhere.

  • About time….

  • Jordan Forbes

    This story is a hoax by the way

  • Jordan Forbes

    Donald E mason, why does everything have to be about race.

  • Jordan Forbes

    Donald E Mason, why does everything have to be about race

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  • Go sista go!

  • YED THATS WAS LONG BUT–it is over GEE!!!!!…

  • Mosley El Marissa

  • Daniel Richard JosephJihan AmerKara Saklofske

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  • Well done Sophia

  • Well done Sophia…Get what you desserved…

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    I’m glad that she won.

  • Excellent

  • I’m not a gang member, but I’m “c-walking” for her , right now!

  • Hell I’m still fighting Franklin v BNSF 1999

  • WhoooPeee! Need a strong man to carry them cash filled briefcases! Ah’m jok’n! Now all that’s necessary is to collect on the judgement.

  • Not so fast there Tonto! This is not true. What Stewart had won was the right to proceed with her case, but nothing more.

  • wow

  • I remember Interviewing Her in 2004,very compelling evidence,glad to see her getting her Economic Justice!!!

  • That is so weird since their were two other completely separate, but concurrent intellectual properties with the exact same premise.

  • Justice delayed……is still justice.

  • Not true at all. This article or on like it pops up once a year spouting this.

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not sure I believe it..Produce the court documents

  • Congrats! Winner ooo! Also thank you because the battle that you fought and won amounts to a win for all of us. You are a Winner!

  • Yes, it does! But having been in the legal field, this is not necessarily unusual.


  • Thanks for taking a bite out of Hollywood which is known to miss use and abuse people of color……………………


  • I hope Sophia Stewart that you spend your money well because a lot of people did not think all this was of your creation. We’ve got it, always have but getting credit for it has been was problematic………………………

  • she wanted Will Smith to play Neo. If I remember the case correctly, this is where they also got the idea for the terminator from it is supposed to be a prelude to the matrix the machines come after the humans then the humans go after the machines. There is nothing false about this case. Go youtube it if you think i’m lying.

  • Get your money.

  • Good job girl,

  • Case started in 1999, and it’s 2015! WTF. Justice for Black folks takes entirely too long!

  • Geee. Glad this continuing story has an ending and we can say The Matrix was written by a Black woman!!!!

  • Please read the legal documents about case. You see in the legals documents that guys was denied a patient for the matrix, also lied to the judge, the studio tried to settle out of court and wanted a gags order in place! The reason you not hearing about this on the news because the movie was base off black woman book and also check Sophia new book Maxtrix 4.

  • About justice served congratulations

  • I heard this was a fraud. Wish there was more info/proof. But I think this was a case of false accusation

  • This is not true. Please fact check!

  • Unless I am confused. The case was thrown out in 2005. She lost.

  • Sad to say but its false.

  • The article just has a headline with no story when clicking the link

  • They have been say this for along time, why has this not been put in world wide publication? ??

  • I’m so happy for her!

  • Well deserved.

  • Great and Best Wishes!

  • Hooray for Justice and Sophia

  • Never heard of her nor about the law suit but I love the Terminator and Matrix movies. To find out that they were based on the work of a Black woman is amazing. Congratulations to Ms. Sophia Stewart for creating some of the best SY FY that was brought to the big screen.

  • The cracKKKers just cannot stop stealing from us! JUSTICE AT LAST.

  • Good news to all beautiful and hard-working Black woman/Goddess all over the World!!!

  • Amazing news !!

  • Excellent–respect is in that.

  • Nice!!!!