Spot Black Hat SEO

Spot Black Hat SEO

Have you ever sensed victory in your online business? This is not a big problem if you are behind the search engine optimization techniques. There are hundreds of people who are making excellent profit by adopting this simple technique. No, doubt search engines are used for every thing by the users in this world. So, tough competition is rolling in the internet and a website drive more traffic will taste the victory. So, undoubtedly SEO is turning as a great weapon in the internet world and almost all the business people are using it. But, some scammers are taking advantage of these SEO techniques and they are misusing the SEO to spread virus. How to Spot Black Hat SEO? Here are few tips.

* The virus scammer spread virus to your site through a powerful malware which you will not come to know, until you are affected. You all know that search engine spiders rank the sites based on the keyword, content, backlinks, meta tags, meta description etc. The malware sites use the same technique and try to enter in to the top of the SERP. Thus, the user when clicks this website are forced to invite the virus to their system. It is the nature of the user to click the site that appears at the top of the table. So, I recommend you not to click on the sites that are not branded or reputed. Even though it is tough to find out these sites, you should be careful while clicking the unauthorized sites.

* Malware attack is very active during seasons. This include Christmas, Newyear eve etc. During festival seasons internet will be very active with numerous customers. Malware attackers take this opportunity and drive them to the malware site. Also malware attack happens when any hot news spreads in the internet. This may death of any popular person like Michael Jackson or any other person. More people will show interest to know information on the hot news and this time becomes advantage for the malware attackers. They use the same technique that genuine online business people use and drag you to the site to spread virus. So, whenever you click a webpage from the search engine results page, see whether there is any change in the domain address. If you find any change in the URL you can decide that you are likely to land in malware site.

* Always use the familiar search engines to search products or services. The major familiar search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. There are many unknown search engines that are likely to spread virus to your site. The unknown search engines do not filter the malware sites and list all the sites. So, the chances are very that you are likely to be attacked by malware.

* Some time you will be visiting a reputed site, but the links and advertisements posted in that site will not be genuine. You know very well that any one can create backlinks from other sites. This is also used by the malware spreaders. So, when you are in search of a product you should be doubly cautious. By clicking the backlink that is not genuine, immediately you will be driven to the site where virus is loaded.

Malware sites continue to be in the internet and it is the responsibility of the user to escape from them. You can partially escape from malware if you install powerful internet security software. Also avoid downloading freebies from unknown sites as it may be any malware that may harm your system.

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