Star Wars SEO Philosophy: Don’t Give In To The Dark Side

Star Wars SEO Philosophy: Don’t Give In To The Dark Side

The dark side is a concept created by George Lucas for the famed movie series he directed, called Star Wars. The dark side refers to the evil force in the Star Wars universe which certain characters derived from their harmful emotions to attack others. Yoda trains Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi and guides him about the light and dark sides of the force. The Jedis follow only the philosophy of the light side of the force, to maintain the peace in the Star Wars universe. In the same way, SEO has a dark side and light side. The dark force is referred to as Black Hat SEO and the light force is known as White Hat SEO. There is a temptation for many Offshore SEO companies to use Black Hat SEO techniques for Outsource Article Marketing. But by reading this you will hopefully understand why it is not worth it.

Article Submissions as I’ve discussed in the past, are a major part of off page SEO campaigns. Outsource Article Marketing helps websites increase their number of quality back links and consistently builds traffic for clients. There are a number of good article submission sites such as Ezine Articles, Article Dashboard, Knol, Isnare, Article Alley, Article Click, Article Factory and thousands more. The idea is to distribute informative content to boost the credibility of a website.

Use The Force Only For Good Reasons

Just like Jedis use the force only for good reasons, article submissions should be used only for distributing informative content and boost the credibility of your website. In Star Wars, Jedis would use the force for training, defense and knowledge purposes. Outsource Article Marketing involves the submitting of content to Article submission websites which pertain to industry related topics to help and inform consumers. Submitting article content that is self promoting and spam filled would be against the Jedi ways of thinking.

Jedis are Compassionate.

A Jedi’s life revolves around his ability to show compassion. The light force brings about the philosophy of thinking about others before yourself. When you create article content, think about what your readers would want instead of what your website wants. Do the industry research in order to find out what has not been answered and what consumers are curious about. Writing about hot topics will help you gain a massive fan following and will give consumers a personal experience to relate to your website.

Luke Skywalker asks during one of his training sessions with Yoda, “Is the dark side stronger?” Yoda answers,”No,No,No. Quicker, easier, more seductive.”

Some dark force or Black Hat SEO marketers are tempted into taking a shortcut with article submissions by “spinning an article” over and over again and submitting it all over the Internet. Article Spinning is the process in which an article is created from an existing article by changing certain words and phrases to make it look like a completely different article. This may seem to others like unique content when actually it is the same article. There are even softwares available which help Black Hat Marketers spin articles, but little do they realize how pointless it all is. By creating a low quality article from an article spinning software your website will lose credibility when readers come across such low grade content. Most article submission sites also check to see what kind of content you are submitting, and ban your articles and even cancel your account if you are not following submission protocol.

If Darth Vader was an Internet Marketer, he would be a keyword stuffer for sure. Don’t stuff your article with keywords just because you want your website to rank well for it. Keyword stuffing is a dark force practice and another reason why article submission sites ban articles. Your article content should include strategically placed keyword throughout the content and no more than 2 hyperlinked keywords, if the website allows.

Let me give you an example from my personal experience. Once I submit an article to various submission sites, I’ve noticed that people who are interested in content for their blog, use my article and post it on their website. I don’t find that a problem as long as they keep the hyperlinks intact and give me recognition as the author. In fact, I find it helpful for distributing my content and optimizing my website further. But then there are those who use my article to create unique content and end up slaughtering my article to bits. Some also use my content without giving author recognition, making it seem as if it was their own work. Back in June, I had written an article about how the breaking news of MJ’s death had a major impact on most social media websites and search engines. Here’s a link to the article:

And after someone decided to use an article spinner software to butcher my article to pieces, it ended up like this:

After making the comparison between the original article and the spinned article would you even consider using Black Hat SEO techniques such as article spinning to fulfill your Outsource Article Marketing needs? The spinned article doesn’t even make sense! So yes, the Black Hat SEO techniques may seem seductive, but are they really worth it?

Jedi Are Mindful Of Their Thoughts.
Obi-Wan says to Anakin, “You’re focusing on the negative again. Be mindful of your thoughts.”Some Outsource Article Marketing strategies for off page SEO include posting comments on blog posts related to your topic or business. A White Hat SEO strategy would be if you post a comment that has a valuable opinion. After you write a worthwhile comment you can then casually display a url or hyperlink to your article for your optimization purposes. There are some who take advantage of this SEO strategy by posting a spammy comment. This means they will blatantly advertise and hyperlink without contributing to a discussion or topic. Follow the light force by providing mindful thoughts with your comments rather than promoting low grade spammy comments. So next time you decide to work on your off page SEO campaign, make sure you utilize the light force strategies for your Outsource Article Marketing needs and as Yoda always said, “May The Force Be With You.”

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