A Study in Black and White

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by nixter

A Study in Black and White

Though primarily concerned with distinctive, timeless world decor for your home and garden, I am certainly not immune to some of the prevalent fashion and home decor trends currently in vogue. Trending now? It’s the classic combination of black and white.

“Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means.” So says Karl Lagerfeld. And the implied ambiguity of his statement is spot-on. Black and white defies dismissal because its graphic strength seems to transcend fad and looks perpetually fresh. Black and white is at once traditional and new, and always striking.

In the realm of home decor and interior decorating, this is a trend that can be creatively interpreted to reflect individual tastes in patterns, furnishings, bedding, tableware, decorative accents…most anything you can think of. It’s exciting to see how renewable the color combination of black on white or white on black can be, while residing comfortably in that enduringly right fashion sense so often associated with the little black dress or the gentleman’s tuxedo; there will always be a place for it in well-appointed decor.

Here’s another fabulous feature of the black and white decor trend: it receives bold color accents with decided flair. The combination creates an effective, complementary foil for a pop of color without losing its own graphic strength of statement.

Need more encouragement to try the trend in your existing home? Black and white respects all genres of home decor and style; whether your aesthetic taste leans toward ubermodern and minimalist or Edwardian traditional or American retro, the clean, crisp, versatile qualities of black and white are infinitely adaptable.

Consider this modern sophisticate interpretation from www.newurbanhomes.com (thank you Conor Phoenix!).

A contemporary, minimalist kitchen from www.woodeso.com. A black and white clock (that looks a little like a black and white cookie!) would look fantastic here.

To experiment with the trend, start with a relatively simple bedroom makeover. A new bedding set like Dreamscape is a good place to start, as it incorporates organic, nature-oriented shapes that soften the sharp contrasts of black on white. Add a few accent pillows to finish the look.

How about a pair of lamps to refresh your living room? Imagine a houndstooth throw over your couch, and a new area rug at your feet! Feeling artistic? An abstract glass sculpture adds a graceful element to a focal table or mantle or bookshelf.

Accents abound online, from bedding, throw pillows and lamps to sculptures, functional incidentals and rugs.

Soft furnishings add the perfect decorating ideas and finishing touches to your home decor. You can choose from a number of colors and designs to suit your tastes. At Global Home Accents we want to make your bedroom as stunning and comfortable as you deserve with amazing black & white trends.