Types Of Black Tea And Their Different Attributes

Types Of Black Tea And Their Different Attributes

In the Western world, specifically in European and North American countries, various types of black tea are popular beverages. Black tea, in comparison with other teas, undergoes a more intensive processing, wherein the leaves are more oxidized. Due to the full oxidation process, black tea is very distinctive in taste, such that it has more astringency, boldness and complexity when it comes to its flavor.

Black teas may be blended or unblended, and there are several other types of black teas under each of them, with each having their own one-of-a-kind taste. Unblended black teas are teas in their most fundamental form and majority of teas under this classification obtained their name from the region where they are grown. Unblended teas, unlike their counterpart, the blended variety, are not that common commercially.

In Europe and North America, types of black tea, such as Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Orange Pekoe and other blended variety are popularly drank beverages. Blended varieties create more complex flavors, due to the combination of black tea and other plants such as citrus, pomegranate, vanilla and many more. Earl Grey is an example of black tea with an added element—bergamot orange oil extract. Robust, full-bodied English Breakfast is one of the types of black tea made from three or more teas and is great when drank with milk and sugar. Orange Pekoe in the tea industry refers to a standard medium-grade tea, with a delicate citrus flavor and lingering sweetness. Another black tea, Lapsang Souchong is not too well known by a lot of people but is flavorful for its smoky taste. Masala Chai, English Afternoon and Irish Breakfast are just some of the different types of black tea that are also enjoyed by a lot of tea enthusiasts.

When it comes to quality, whole leaf teas are considered by the industry as the tea with the highest grade. Small leaves or partial leaves are segregated from whole leaves using sieves. If you are wondering what the best tea bags are, in general, the best ones are those with premium quality whole leaves. These are also pricier in comparison with teas with broken leaves, fannings and dusts.

For some people, the best tea bags are from the black tea category. While other teas, such as green teas have trouble preserving their flavor after a year, black teas retain their flavor even after several years have passed. Because black teas are capable of keeping their flavor, they played an important role in trading and they even served as a currency in the past.

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