Video Released Of Georgia Guards Beating Prisoners With Hammer

Part Two

  • Alex Ajiduah

    We will not face the fact and we still living like babies….we will it stop…

  • Alex Ajiduah

    Nigerians should see this and should be posted in every living Nigerian today…

  • Kuemar Afterglow


  • Koshie M. Cooper

    Sorry God help him out .

  • Tunde Rocks

    Oh My God, This act is not Human…

  • Nathan Harris

    Read the thirteenth amendment again.

  • Ralph Wayne Eason

    @joseph Morris. You are about as stupid and ignorant as they come. Incarceration is the penalty for your crime. Forced labor is not part of the penalty. Being beaten is not part of the penalty. We all make mistakes or just do wrong stuff. Being incarcerated does mean losing the privileges of being a free man. It does not mean forfeiting the right to be treated as a human being. Most people are in for nonviolent crimes, but keep saying they have no rights. It is the same argument the three percent are using to take away your rights.

  • Carlos Ingram

    Modern day Slavery

  • Roy Washburn

    I appreciate the way our local work release program works. We can hire inmates but must pay them no less than someone else who would be doing the job. The money goes to the system which takes out the cost of their incarceration and then gives the remaining amount to the inmate to hold until they are released. Allows the inmate to pay for their cost to the community as well as allows them to learn a job skill and accumulate funds prior to release to get them started.

  • Keith Hall

    Read what the constitution says about slavery and the incarcerated.

  • Joseph Morris

    I don’t agree with them being beaten but let’s not forget, these are prisoners. They forfeited their rights to freedom by breaking the laws which protect our rights. Prison is supposed to be punishment and I see free labor as a good use of the prison system. Prisoners don’t have a right to strike against their punishment. That’s the whole point. You commit the crime, you accept the punishment. They are prisoners not slaves. They had a choice and chose poorly.

  • Chawanda Charae


  • Bryan Evans

    Datboi Hutch

  • Jamal Young

    Why are they in jail?

  • Fritz Stlouis

    If you r a convicted felon in the usa u r still a slave

  • Marvis Brown


  • RawHide Radcliff

    This confirm the documentary, slavery by another name

  • RawHide Radcliff

    Black peonage continue today.

  • Dredmermaid Zck

    Modern day slavery for real. Work for free or be beaten.

  • Horus Imhotep

    where yal shanks at?

  • Keibian Crumedy


  • Donovan Evans

    This is modern day slavery.

  • Noela Princess Lala

    Man why couldn’t the white folk just stay in their own countries back in the days? None of this shit would if happened if they just left us alone in our own motherland fml

  • Iragi Cigohwa

    shame! !!!

  • Lj Springs

    “Thug” is the new “nigger”

  • Oumar Chevara Camara

    Stop posting shit like this if you guys don’t have the balls enough to stop it. Stop crying and begging for justice, Take it.

  • Charles Burke
  • Kay Dejavu

    N. dUMMY kAY IS UNIMPRESSED with so called black racism! Whites are the racists of the world hound dog. You are seriously lacking in education!

  • Charles Burke

    Kay is unimpressed that women are raped! Isnt that ultra-human of her?

  • Kay Dejavu


  • Charles Burke


  • Ric Toldon

    and this is why there are so many blacks and browns in u.s. prisons.13th amendment is some bullshit..

  • EstherMaria Weeks
  • Charles Burke

    With a rape occuring every two minutes in this country, and those are the REPORTED ONES, we better build MORE PRISONS

  • Charles Burke

    So “slavery” went from mandatory for black people to voluntary for people of all colors. They tried to remove “work” details from prisons, but violence against guards and other inmates skyrocketed due to the inmates boredom. Why shouldnt RAPISTS AND MURDERERS OF ALL COLORS HAVE TO PAY SOMETHING BACK TO THE COMMUNITIES THEY TERRORIZED?

  • Keith Pride

    Proof that slavery never ended in the United States. Here’s how white folks planned what’s known as the prison industrial complex or New Plantation System which relegalized slavery and torture: The 13th Amendment prohibits slavery in the U.S. with one critical exception: “except as a punishment for crime.” In the eyes of the US government and law enforcement agencies, EVERY BLACK MAN IS A CRIMINAL AND A TERRORIST.

  • Charles Burke

    So while i acknowledge there ARE innocent ppl in prison…it is FAR from the “majority”.

  • Charles Burke

    We will never know for sure, but the few studies that have been done estimate that between 2.3% and 5% of all prisoners in the U.S. are innocent (for context, if just 1% of all prisoners are innocent, that would mean that more than 20,000 innocent people are in prison). … More broadly, we know that innocent people are often identified as suspects by law enforcement and that DNA testing often clears them before they go to trial, but that DNA testing is impossible in the vast majority of criminal cases. In approximately 25% of cases where DNA testing was done by the FBI during the course of investigations, suspects were excluded by the testing. That doesn’t mean we believe 25% of convictions are in error, but when coupled with the fact that DNA testing is only possible in 5-10% of all criminal cases, it shows that science cannot always clear innocent suspects, which can result in wrongful convictions.—

  • Shalamar Shalamar

    And whites as well when you really think about it.

  • Carla Martin


  • Charles Burke«««««fear intimidation and greed….trust, these inmates didnt fear no guards

  • Charles Burke

  • Charles Burke

    Youre incapable of informing anyone of anything because youre wrong. Plain and simple

  • Charles Burke

    Jenny nice language.. Resort to personal attacks when the FACTS ARE SLAPPING YOU IN THE FACE

  • Jenny Gamer

    F you, blubbering idiot. You have no idea and its not my job to inform you.

  • Charles Burke

    Right, if he was black, it would be harder BECAUSE of all the lefty libs telling him he is the victim. He isnt taught self control and self respect, he is taught that he is the VICTIM

  • Jenny Gamer

    Well supposing charles Burke is correct, slavery and abuse are still wrong. And white privilege is still a huge part of the prison problem. My dads a white felon who had a chance to clean up his act that would have been exceptionally hard if he was black. If he was black our family never could have made it out of the quagmire.

  • Charles Burke

    Prisoners, be they black white or any other color, are not “good innocent ppl tricked into a system” ….they are criminals, many many of the career criminals who would slit your throat so they didnt have to work at a real job…

  • Charles Burke

    Takes a bit more than a roach of marijuana to land u in prison…

  • Charles Burke

    And before you start blaming “poverty” for these thugs crimes, i will have u know that i live in one of the poorest counties in all of the USA and we have LOW CRIME AND MURDERS ARE NEARLY NON EXISTANT!

  • Charles Burke

    You think these thugs are innocent pot smokers??? Lmao! You live near em then!!!

  • Charles Burke

    You racists like to ignore the facts

  • Charles Burke

    White women are hundreds of times more likely to be raped by a black man as black women getting raped by a white man…

  • Charles Burke

    White ppl are many times more likely to be murdered by blacks and that is a fact!

  • Charles Burke

    Lewis youre the one that is narrow and naive:

  • Charles Burke

    Lewis with all due respect, youre full of it! It is hard to get thrown in prison. You must be a loser several times over to get thrown in prison. Holding one joint is NOT going to land you in prison. Dont bs ppl!

  • Craig White

    It sounds like the OLD SOUTH has risen again.

  • Lewis Burton

    Charles Burke.. You have a very naive & narrow prospective on prison. You ASSUME judges/ prosecutors/ cops & prison guards are ALL good honest, law abiding citizens incapable of being prejudice & doing wrong…. You White huh?

  • Lewis Burton

    @Charles Burke.. No one sympathize for murders, rapist & hardcore criminals..
    A vast majority of prisoners are in prison on minor charges &/or what they call victimless crime- like have small amount of marijuana on them, a few for minor infraction on a parole violation, child support.
    And some are truly innocent.. A few hundred people have been exonerated & set free after serving sometimes up to 10 & even 20 years in prison for a crime they didn’t commit..
    You need to read up on the justice system & the prison for profit industry, all who are entrapped in the system are NOT cold hearted criminals who deserve to be there…

  • Jay Glenn

    a call to the u.n. should happen. but we also need to organize a people’s congress – regionally, national and internationally to provide a fulcrum for democracy and empowerment. complaining to deaf ears or among ourselves is not conducive to results. we want freedom, justice and fairness. that’s the desired outcome.

  • Imam Haroen Soetsang

    Black Americans are Sleeping Big Time…..!!!

  • Sonya Morrell

    oh no,no,no,no….this is so terrible

  • Danielle Ivory


  • EuGene Welsh

    God.. .HorribLe conditionZ! ThaT why prisONerZ aRe on a HUNger sTriKe iN caLiForNiA….

  • EuGene Welsh


  • Boy Djoloff

    You got it right bro. back to slavery

  • ViDonna Williams

    The 10 precenters….another way to feed off the underdogs… convicted as a blue collar….and having to do time…while white collars are housed in Federal ….where no such crap occur.

  • Bling King

    Pimpn aint easy

  • Author Solomon Thomas


  • Pauline Marshall

    Have The Family Sent A Copy 2 The Atty Gen. Office/Ltr. Also And 2 The Pres. Obama!!!

  • DeBorah Hill Burdick

    Modern day slavery

  • Lewis Burton

    Who do these prisoners think they are?…
    They probably think they are human beings & not slaves who are more aware how those who build & run these prison systems do so just to make them slaves to enrich themselves more so than actual punishment.

  • Lewis Burton

    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted….
    13 Amendment. A back door BACK into slavery AND the reason for racial discrimination in arrest & bias sentencing of Blacks & Brown.

  • Grace Ballinger

    first, they’re in prison. they should work for reparations, support their children then to support themselves. they’re are law abiding citizens who can’t strike. who do these prisoners think they are?

  • Kenneth Sourie

    They hide their Shit!! Point their Fingers at others!! Let Obama See it..

  • Kenneth Sourie

    Call United Nations?