To Wear A Black Jacket Or White Jacket

To Wear A Black Jacket Or White Jacket

Black tie affairs can be tricky for the novice attendee. Tuxedos vary in style, material, color, and even design. The black jacket and the white jacket however, are the two most traditional black tie jacket colors.

This article will explain both the black and white dinner jackets that can be worn to traditional black tie events. After reading this article you will know when and where to wear these jackets in a traditionally appropriate way.

The color black is the most prevalent color in the black tie event arena. These jackets come in two and three button jackets with peaked, shawl, and notched lapel styles.

Black bow ties and shoes are married to this jacket as well as white shirts and white pocket squares. Shirt choices will come in the form of turn down collars and wing tip collars.

When wearing a white tuxedo jacket make sure you are in a tropical climate or in the middle of a hot summer. This tuxedo jacket was specifically introduced to help keep tuxedo wearers comfortable in these climates.

Accessories worn with the white jacket are generally the same as the accessories worn with the black jacket. The only real difference may come in the form of the pocket square. Wearing a white pocket square with a white jacket would defeat the purpose of wearing one.

These outfits really are easy to distinguish once you know when to wear them. Also the great thing about them is that you only have to buy one black tuxedo with a spare white tuxedo jacket since the pants for each outfit will both be black.

I hope you enjoyed reading this discussion on the black and white dinner jackets. The next time you get an invitation that says black tie only you will know exactly what to do. Feel free to refer your friends and family know about this article by bookmarking it.

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