How to Wear Black Stockings and Tights?

How to Wear Black Stockings and Tights?

Women have a timeless relationship with tights and stockings. Versatile, voguish and easy on the eye, these stunning pieces of clothing can give you many reasons why they are a fashion favorite of women for years now. Stockings, particularly those in black hues remain a dernier cri in fashion, whether it was back in the 1400s or the contemporary times. One of the many reasons that make black stockings a must-have item in very women’s wardrobe is its ability to blend with almost all attire and add an element of elegance and style to it. Find out how you can make this snazzy little couture:

Stockings and skirts for a sassy look: You can team up your short skirt with black stockings. The best thing about this is that black stockings will complement any skirt that you own, whether it is a denim skirt, black leather skirt, a pleated skirt or a floral printed mini skirt. All you have to do is mix and match these with a pair of black tights and you are ready for a brand new outfit and a fresh look. Pairing up shorts with tights is also a popular fashion these days. Going on a girls’ day out? Try teaming up your denim shorts and white shirt with black tights. For a day at work a pair of baggy shorts with black tights and heels can never go wrong.

For the fun and flirty look: Your black tights can also go well with that oversized top or a shirtdress or a trendy mini dress. Add a bohemian touch to your dress or just some coverage to your shanks from the chilling winters with a stunning pair of black tights. Although plain black tights go well with all dresses and outfits, you can also choose those with patterns to add more pizzazz. How about fishnets and some whimsical prints? Sheer tights in black with a subtle pattern can make your dinner date more special.

Working up the right footwear: Another great thing about these tights is that they look perfect with any type of footwear. Right from boots, wedges, platform shoes to heels, you can get the chic and stylish look with any of these incredible shoes when you don them with a pair of black tights. Open toed shoes also make an amazing combination with these stockings. Create a bold statement by putting on red shoes and matching accessories with black tights and a black dress.

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