White House: Not a Goddam Thing We Can Do’ To Help Detroit

White House Not a Goddam Thing We Can Do To Help Detroit
White House

AFRICANGLOBE – The president tomorrow will once again address the issue of race in American life in a speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

Administration officials, however, bristled at suggestions that President Obama make even a symbolic trip to the predominantly Black city of Detroit, which last month filed for bankruptcy.

“There’s not a goddam [thing] we can do right now to help them,” an Obama aide told Politico’s Glenn Thrush.

In tomorrow’s speech, the president will look to link Martin Luther King’s vision with his own achievements, including the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

In a radio interview this morning, President Obama argued that King would have been in favor of the law. “Oh he’d like that,” Obama said. “Well, because he understood that health care, health security is not a privilege, it’s something in a county as wealthy as ours, everybody should have access to.”


By:  Andrew Johnson

  • Really?

  • Yes, I do! 🙂

  • denise, you have a dirty mouth.

  • @Anastasia Robertson. Yes. He was at the March on Washington. Bravo. All while conducting drone strikes that murder entire families in Pakistan And within the next few days he’ll be Bombing men, women, and children in Syria. Do you think Dr. King would condone these actions? If you say yes, then you’re the one who needs to Think, Learn, Acknowledge, and then Speak. Familiarize yourself with Dr. King’s Vietnam War speech, or read his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, or any of the other abundant writings he self-published. Dr. King was staunchly non-violent and anti-war. Things which your beloved President are not. But he talks a good game. But that’s it, hes good at speechifying. And trust me, no White House aide is going to say anything that is not Presidential policy, the tone notwithstanding. Anybody even remotely familiar with politics will tell you that. It’s clear, The President is NOT going to address the problems in Detroit.

  • Ignorance has never been and will never be an excuse for stupidity……Get off your race card about Black Persons and learn…

  • Excuse me: 1. Our President is a Man..2. He is Educated..3. He is Articulate..4. He has a Vocabulary so intense that he doesn’t have to stoop to others level and disrespect anyone…5. That was a aide speaking belligerently..6. Read the facts better yet if you were a person of integrity and knowledge you would know OUR President was at the March on Washington and not out making irresponsible remarks as you suggested Denise Addison and Grace Ballinger…..Think, Learn, Acknowledge and then Speak…

  • @Norma J-m. No there isn’t. It’s all about what your government chooses to spend your tax dollars on. Make no mistake…Detroit is just a run-through. The appointment of emergency managers and the suspension of democratic elections is what’s in store for all of us. You can stand on your pedestal and bury your head in the sand if you want. But don’t be surprised when you finally wake up, you’re living under martial law.

  • 2009 Congress made the apology for Slavery and Jim Crow. HR Bill 40 was put forward to study how to pay reparations. But the bill sits….Obama, no one will touch it!!

  • Don’t need an attorney. Just a petition and Obama has to address it.

  • nothing has changed with the chocolate covered cracker in the white house either.

  • a thought. i doubt if the courts would even let it go through. then there’s the problem of finding attorneys who will run with it. i agree with you tho.

  • rofl. i didn’t vote for any of them. he is there because of his mother’s gene contribution. i know to whom he answers, and it isn’t the constituents.

  • Where’s Al Sharpton for Detroit? I have no pity for the city of Detroit. Their demise was man made.
    Where are the chartered buses to the Southside of Chicago? Hmmmm…
    Tired of some folks demanding that Obama be the face of every black community across the nation. What is their local & state politicians, whom they voted in office, doing? What are they doing for their own communities?

  • There’s a difference between killing children under a United Nation’s response and mismanagement in one’s own state.

  • The Great Black Savior isn’t interested in saving your Black ass. Do you regret voting for him now?

  • America has always been ruled by white supremacist. Hundreds of years of extremely racist policies towards African Americans has push them into ghettos and caused them to have extreme mental health issues. But America will never help them.

  • They should felt that way about the banks.

  • This is true. Blacks need to wake up and file a Civil Suit for restitution for slavery. That’s your money. Help yourself.

  • Why be confused? Do you think Queen Victoria ended Oliver Twist style poverty in London, when she colonized Africa and Asia? Where do you think the Bank of London dropped most of it’s Chedda?????

  • Wait a second…but they WANT to help Syria? What kind of politics is that?I’m confused…