Eight Things White Parents Should Teach Their Kids About Black People

  • I should say there are those who aren’t white who exploit others and who exploit those of the same race.

  • …and there are those who exploit others of a different race who aren’t white….

  • Most of this is true for all races except for the ‘white privilege’ part …

  • ‘Take to reading, kiddo’ – that is my advice to people who believe they are somehow right, (which means – others are wrong)

  • Dnt knw where u saw that Abibi- did we read the same article? Educate yourself please.

  • Articles like this tell whites, asians and arabs that blacks are not fit to be on this earth.

  • Ahaha White people are going to teach their children how to maintain power and how to recruit people like Barack Obama and Michelle Obama to legitimize their power to blacks. Anytime you have some Negro talking about what white parents should teach about black people is clearly lost. Yall write some of the most self hating ridiculous articles. I took a History 203 those white kids said they are tired of hearing about slavery they wanted to hear about how brave confederacy soldiers fight. ahaha This article is funny. Then using Travyon Martin name, you only are upset a white man killed him because you want to live around white people. Im about to stop following this shit these articles just spew hate a need to be loved by white people. ahaha In the day and age of Black Presidents…. ahahaha How ignorant could you be, White people toppled African Kings and Queens you think they give a damn about some Biracial person they are using to put a colored face on a agenda after the Bush adminstration. You have no intelligence at all. Mulatto armies destroyed Africa the first time they just going back to their playbook with the same tired ole play that works vs. a group of people who clearly lack the intelligence to remain on this globe.

  • Support Reparations!