White Woman Charged After Lying About Being Robbed By Black Man

White Woman Charged After Lying About Being Robbed By Black Man
Courtney Chancellor

AFRICANGLOBE – The University of Missouri police department has arrested a white woman for falsely claiming that a Black man robbed her at gunpoint on campus last Thursday.

Courtney Chancellor called campus police at around 8:30pm, reporting that while she was delivering food for sandwich chain Jimmy John’s, a young 6 foot tall Black man with facial hair and an upper arm tattoo “flashed a gun near Wolpers Hall and demanded money.”

Authorities initially sent out security alerts to students, faculty, staff, and local news outlets, encouraging thousands of people to be on the lookout for the fictional Black man.

When MUPD reviewed evidence from nearby surveillance cameras and confronted Chancellor – who is not a student at the campus – she confessed to falsely claiming a robbery.

“There was a substantial amount of resources, both from first responders and those who were assisting, with this false report,” said MU spokesman Christian Basi.

It is currently unknown why Chancellor faked the robbery, or why she chose to describe her attacker as a Black stereotype. She has since been arrested for filing a false report.


By: Nathan Wellman


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