Wiz Khalifa’s newest single and fresh entitled “Black and Yellow”

Wiz Khalifa’s newest single and fresh entitled “Black and Yellow”

Cameron Jibril Thomaz is an American rapper who is widely regarded as Wiz Khalifa, He was born previous September eight, 1987 at Minot, North Dakota. Khalifa’s fanbase is regarded as the Taylor Gang, named soon after his appreciate of Chuck Taylor All-Stars shoes. Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow MP3 Download.

Wiz Khalifa is the newest in a incredibly extended line of points from Pistolvania which contain the Pirates and the Steelers, whose colors he proudly represents on the track “Black and Yellow”. This song is his incredibly initially single off his freshly signed major label and if it’s any indication, the manufacturing values are bigger, his character is prepared, and all engines are go.

Wiz Khalifa’s smash hit “Black and Yellow,” a tribute to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ distinctive hues, has turn out to be the team’s de facto anthem this season. The undeniably catchy track, which is at present No. three on the Billboard charts and has racked up 31 million YouTube views, has already spawned a raft of imitators (such as nine-year-old rapper Lyrikkal’s “Pink and Purple”) at Search engine optimization Forum.

Now, avowed Green Bay Packers fan and rap superstar Lil’ Wayne has produced his own strategic remix, “Green and Yellow,” which celebrates his beloved football franchise while taking shots at their Steel City rivals. (Observe videos for the competing anthems, below.)

Even so, the Steelers may have the advantage when it comes to the big sport, as they have an anthem in Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow.” Though the crew wasn’t involved in the Pittsburgh MC’s breakout single (which continues to climb the Billboard Scorching 100 and could easily make a move into the leading spot about the subsequent two weeks), the rapper’s tune is one of the numerous tunes about this year’s Steelers squad to pop up and grab some attention on “Micro Area of interest Finder”.

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