Wyoming Black Bear Hunting

Wyoming Black Bear Hunting

Black bears inhabit 40 of the 50 states, and all of Canada, excluding Prince Edward Island. Hunting them in Wyoming can be a very challenging, and very rewarding experience. It will require a lot of driving, a lot of stalking, or a lot of bating and waiting; and often times, many hunters have already stalked the path before you. But if you’re determined, Wyoming offers many options for the bear hunter.

Wyoming black bear aren’t always just black. They can be cinnamon, brown, and black with white tufts on their chest. These are just different genetic variations and don’t imply that the bear is unhealthy. The best way to recognize a black bear is by his size and gait. They are generally smaller than you might think them to be, and unlike most quadrupeds, they move both of their legs on one side at the same time, similar to a pacer horse.

Many states have made bear licenses more difficult to get in recent years. Wyoming uses a weighted points system. In general, Wyoming residents are given permits first, but many also go to out of state residents. Know that hunting licenses are not transferable. That means that if you buy your license in Rhode Island, it will not be a legal license to hunt in Wyoming. Be sure to apply for your Wyoming license ahead of time online or through the mail prior to hunting season. Check to see if youth require a license.

If you’re unlucky in receiving a hunting license, the road isn’t necessarily at the end. Special hunts are often called together to control the population of black bear. One bear can destroy an estimated 70 trees in one season, stripping away the bark and eating the layers beneath. Often lumber managers will call special hunts to manage the problem. The bears can also become a nuisance. When bears are overpopulated, food gets scarce, and bears often roam into city neighborhoods looking for trash, and in very desperate times, they can even harm people.

Should you hunting trip in Wyoming be successful, many outfitters will prepare your meat for travel. The process is called caping, and it preserves the taste and freshness of the meat. You may also need to report your harvest to the Wyoming Fish & Game Department.

Black bear hunting in Wyoming can be a thrilling experience, but be sure to keep safety first. When planning your trip, remember to bring plenty of appropriate clothing, comfortable boots for hiking, and enough ammunition and tools for the hunt.

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