Ethiopia: A Trip to a Timeless Land

Thousands of people had congregated in the field, including hundreds of priests dressed in brightly coloured, richly embroidered cassocks, carrying ornate staffs topped with...




Buy Paul Hobbs Wine Now & Get the Best

by Lawrence Holmes. Buy Paul Hobbs Wine Now & Get the BestBuy Paul Hobbs Wine 1 If you happen to merely passion the Paul...

Matching Prom Dresses with Black and White Shoes

by JusDaFax Matching Prom Dresses with Black and White ShoesAfter several hours of power shopping, you've got the dress. Various relatives have offered to...

Why South Africa Was Chosen For The 2010 1FIFA World Cup

by Demetrios Georgalas aka brexians Why South Africa Was Chosen For The 2010 1FIFA World CupFriday, June 11, 2010 is sure to be an...




The Light Is The Truth - The Gantt Report

When Coattails Become Halter Tops – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The reason many Blacks are not enthusiastic about upcoming elections is Black voters are tired of being punked, misled, bamboozled, and taken for granted!
NYPD Already Lying About Strangling Eric Garner To Death

How To Stop Police Brutality, Take Settlement Money Out Of Police Budgets

AFRICANGLOBE - This week alone, Baltimore agreed to pay $49,000 to man who sued over a violent arrest in 2010, Philadelphia agreed to pay $490,000 to a man who was abused and broke his neck while riding in a police van in 2011, and St. Paul agreed to pay $95,000 to a man who suffered a skull injury, a fractured eye socket, and a broken nose in 2012.
Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner

Ethiopian Airlines Receives Its First of 10 Boeing 737-800s Aircraft

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Airlines is pleased to announce that it has received its first next-generation Boeing 737-800 with the new Boeing Sky Interior on 22 November 2011. This is the first 737-800 with Boeing Sky Interior of ten to be delivered over the next four years.


Tips For Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur In 2014

AFRICANGLOBE - Hustle: It has to be second nature for you. The fact is, there are hundreds of other people armed with that same ‘unique’ idea of yours. You cannot afford to be slow in executing it. Strategize carefully and make your move, fast. Though I am a lady, if there is one seat left to take, I must get to it first, even if I have compete with five men. I am well aware that muddiness is a nature for true entrepreneurship. Crush your ego, get set and just go.