Nina Simone Documentary A Powerful Portrait Of The Artist

AFRICANGLOBE - Through archival footage and interviews with her family, closest confidants and collaborators, Nina Simone comes to life again — still enigmatic but more easily understood — in the new documentary “What Happened, Miss Simone?” which premiered recently night at the Sundance Film Festival.




African Teen Beaten To Death In Israel For Allegedly Flirting With White Woman

African Teen Beaten To Death In Israel For Allegedly Flirting With White Woman

AFRICANGLOBE - Two weeks ago two Israeli teens murdered Babikir Adham-Uvdo, a Darfuri asylum seeker who lived in the city of Petah Tikva, not far from Tel Aviv. Adham-Uvdo was attacked after he reportedly spoke to two white teenage girls. The Jewish teenagers kicked him in the head for an hour and a half, leaving him for dead. His body was found and brought to Rabin Medical Center. After four days in the hospital, Adham-Uvdo was taken off life support and died.
China’s Appetite For Wood Is Devastating West Africa's Forest

China’s Appetite For Wood Is Devastating West Africa’s Forest

AFRICANGLOBE - Conservation researcher Hazel Chapman tells us about the alarming pace of woodland destruction in Nigeria and elsewhere in West Africa — fueled by a highly valued tree species. The rampant logging of Rosewood (Pterocarpus erinaceus) — a valuable timber used for luxury furniture — is devastating woodlands in Nigeria and beyond in West Africa. And where is the Rosewood going? To China, of course, the world’s biggest timber importer.
Leaked Cables Reveal Britain's Extensive Spying Across Africa

Leaked Cables Reveal Britain’s Extensive Spying Across Africa

AFRICANGLOBE- Top-secret British surveillance operations targeted the director of the World Trade Organization, several multinational corporations, a top French businessman, and heads of state across Africa, according to a new series of reports. In 20 countries across the continent, GCHQ monitored current and former heads of state, prime ministers, diplomats, military and intelligence chiefs, as well as leading figures in the business and finance industry.




Ethiopian Airlines

Record Profits for Ethiopian Airlines Despite Temporary Grounding of Dreamliner

AFRICANGLOBE - Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airlines Tewolde Gebremariam said Ethiopian Airlines has pocketed a record profits despite the temporary grounding of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes.
vigilante George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman Trial Date Set for June 10

A Florida judge Wednesday set a June 10, 2013, date for the trial of George Zimmerman on charges of second-degree murder in the shooting...
Uganda’s Kiira Motors Unveils ‘Africa’s First Solar Bus’

Uganda’s Kiira Motors Unveils ‘Africa’s First Solar Bus’

AFRICANGLOBE - A solar-powered bus described by its Ugandan makers as the first in Africa has been driven in public. Kiira Motors' Kayoola prototype electric bus was shown off at a stadium in Uganda's capital, Kampala.


Elite Troops Sent to Sudan’s Second Largest City After Clashes

AFRICANGLOBE - Elite Sudanese troops have been deployed in Sudan's second-largest city after days of violence among members of the security forces, as residents begin the Muslim month of Ramadaan in fear of new clashes.