French Colonial Tax Still Enforced In Africa

How Developed Continues Are Plundering Poorer Nations

AFRICANGLOBE - Since 1980, developing countries lost $16.3 trillion in their net resource transfers with the rest of the world, money that could have been used to reduce poverty and inequality and boost poor countries’ economies. The figure shows how poor countries have acted as the world’s creditors, with tax havens providing an avenue for the system that supports the world’s rich at the expense of everyone else.
Obama Supporters 2008

Still Looking For Change?

AFRICANGLOBE - Slowly but surely, albeit very late in the game, Black folks are learning that economic empowerment is the key to our progress and prosperity in this nation. Decades of instructions from wise elders, scholars, and activists seem to be taking hold on the minds of young people, despite the tired messages coming from some of our current leaders.
Ethiopian and Egyptian Leaders Meet Over Nile Dispute

Ethiopian and Egyptian Leaders Meet Over Nile Dispute

AFRICANGLOBE - The Ethiopian and Egyptian leaders have met for the first time to discuss tensions over Ethiopia's construction of a huge hydropower dam on the river Nile but the meeting ended without any agreement, sources said.
Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner

Ethiopian Airlines Adds Three B787s

International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), a wholly owned subsidiary of American International Group, Inc. (NYSE: AIG), announced today that Ethiopian Airlines, one of the...

West Africa needs to Attract U.S.$65 Billion Over the Next Five Years

Impact investing, which includes making investments to generate social and economic benefits beyond a financial return, has reached an annual total of $3.2 billion in West Africa.
Ma’at As The Strategic Foundation Of African Geopolitical Thinking

Ma’at As The Strategic Foundation Of African Geopolitical Thinking

AFRICANGLOBE - The central idea of Ma’at lay at the foundation of Kemet’s (Ancient Egypt) view of the world. The Pharaoh as the guarantor of state sovereignty and power was entrusted to maintain and enforce Ma’at. What is Ma’at and how can its ascension to a central role in modern African strategic geopolitical thinking play a role in returning Africa to its traditional powerful role in global power politics?
Belgian Prime Minister Lectures African Leaders On Gay Rights At Africa-EU Summit

Belgian Prime Minister Lectures African Leaders On Gay Rights At Africa-EU Summit

AFRICANGLOBE - Belgium's gay Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo told African leaders to respect the rights of minorities, including homosexuals. It was intolerable that people were "persecuted for their origins, their sexual orientation, their religion and their convictions", he said.
Billion-Dollar Bloodlines: America's Richest Families 2015

Billion-Dollar Bloodlines: America’s Richest Families 2015

AFRICANGLOBE - Some, like the Huber family, have survived for six generations, dating back to the 1800s. Each of these clans is worth at least $1.2 billion. Collectively, they’re worth $1.3 trillion. Thirty-three newcomers join the ranks, including the Sackler family, whose company makes pain drug OxyContin; the Greenberg family behind Skechers shoes, and the Trincheros, owners of the fourth largest U.S. wine company.
Lamu project

Mega Lamu Project: Kenya’s Gateway to Africa

A new transport corridor through northern Kenya would make many happy: South Sudan wants access to the Indian Ocean and the Nairobi government wants...


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A Closer Look At The Police Officers Who Kill

AFRICANGLOBE - To start, male officers, white officers, those working in larger cities and those who are military veterans are more likely than female officers, racial and ethnic minorities, those in smaller communities and non-veterans to fire their service weapon while on duty.

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African Nations Call For End to Illegal Western Sanctions On Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - Malawian president and SADC chairperson Mrs Joyce Banda has called on Western nations to review the illegal sanctions they imposed on Zimbabwe after the country held free, fair and credible harmonised elections.

Zuma ‘Will Be Kicked Out’ As Leader

Suspended ANC Youth League spokesman Floyd Shivambu threw down the gauntlet yesterday, saying that South Africa's President Jacob Zuma was not the right person...

African Migrants in Libya Migrants Facing Harsh Conditions

In one of the many rooms where detainees are held at Ganfouda detention centre in Libya's second largest city, Benghazi, Suleiman Mansour*, a young...

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