U.S Sending 3,000 Troops To Liberia "To Fight Ebola"

U.S. Military’s Ebola Mission: Edge Out China In Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - For an administration that prides itself in never letting a crisis go to waste, the Ebola outbreak is seemingly offering the perfect opportunity to achieve a long-time Western goal – to build up a U.S. military presence in Africa in the face of growing Chinese investment and influence on the continent.
Muslim Suicide Bomber Kills 48 Nigerian Students

Muslim Suicide Bomber Kills 48 Nigerian Students

AFRICANGLOBE - A suicide bomber disguised in a school uniform detonated explosives at a high school assembly in the northeastern Nigerian city of Potiskum on Monday, killing at least 48 students, according to survivors and a morgue attendant.
France Consolidates Military Might Forces Africa

France Consolidates Military Might Forces Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - In contemporary France, major fortunes, migrants' origins and attitudes to Africa have their roots in the imperial power dynamic. In 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy infamously described the continent in terms redolent of the colonial era, provoking widespread anger.

Glencore ‘Should Explain Potentially Corrupt Deals in Congo’

Global Witness is today calling on Glencore to explain potentially corrupt deals in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and is calling on the company...
Salva Kiir

South Sudan's Entry Into EAC to Spur Investment

The prospect of South Sudan's admission to the East African Community to which she applied for observer status in 2007, is exciting. Her markets and oil fields will certainly boost the region's foreign investment and trade.
Africa Must Do More To Unlock Potential For Rising Intra-African Trade

Cross-Border Trade Body to Boost Regional Trade in East Africa

Kenya has moved to boost trade between her and the neighbours following the launch of a Trade Association aimed at facilitating trade in the East African Community region.
No NYPD Updates On Beating Of Black Student, Allegedly By Jewish Street Patrol

No NYPD Updates On The Beating Of Black Student By Jewish Street Patrol

AFRICANGLOBE - A Black college student, Taj Patterson, was walking home from a party. At the edge of the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, Patterson was allegedly jumped by a gang of hasidic Jews dressed in clothing that had police-like shield emblems.
Africa Security Challenges

African Nations Urged to Tighten Security

This imperial competition for Africa's resources has, of late, been interfaced with the threat of illegal regime change. Africa is at crossroads; either we allow our erstwhile oppressors unfettered access to our natural resources and, thus, face the wrath of this great continent's future generations, or we wrestle the nettle and take full charge of the exploitation of our natural resources
Campaigners Call For State Investigation Into Fatal New Jersey Police Shooting

New Jersey Police Shooting Leads To Renewed Call For Body Cameras

AFRICANGLOBE - The fatal police shooting of Jerame Reid, a 36 year-old Black New Jersey man, has thrown the issue of police body cameras back into the spotlight, as experts say recently released dashboard footage raises as many questions as it answers.


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Mugabe Seize Farm Belonging to Former White Ruler Ian Smith

AFRICANGLOBE - The manager of a ranch owned by Zimbabwe’s last White ruler says he has been ordered by President Robert Mugabe’s government to...

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Autopsy Finds Jonathan Sanders Was Strangled By Cop, Death A Homicide

AFRICANGLOBE - Although a preliminary autopsy report ruling Jonathan Sanders' death a homicide, caused by manual asphyxiation, came as no surprise to his friends and relatives, they hope it is the first step towards justice.

Uganda to Launch Its First Space Observer

AFRICANGLOBE - Uganda will soon launch the first space observer called Cadimella, Capt. Chris Nsamba, the chief executive officer and founder of the African Space Research Program (ASRP), has revealed.Nsamba was briefing the Vice-President, Edward Ssekandi, who inspected the launch pad of the space observer at Kimaka Airfield in Jinja on Monday.

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