Black Business Owners Ignored In Their Own Community

The Keys To Black Success: Start By Supporting Other Black Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - If the African American communities got closed off so no one could enter and exit we would starve and have no employment, no food, no clothing, and so on. The lack of ownership in our communities is at an all time low.
Huge Protest Against Dutch Tradition That Denigrate Black People for Christmas

Huge Protest Against Dutch Christmas Tradition That Denigrates Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - The Dutch equivalent of Santa Claus arrived in the Netherlands on Saturday to the delight of thousands of children. But some adults protested vigorously against one element of the beloved tradition they find racist: his servant/slaves in blackface makeup, Black Pete.
Egypt Wont Apologize, Instead Wants Kenyan Diplomat Fired For Revealing "Dogs And Slaves" Remark

Egypt Wont Apologize, Instead Wants Kenyan Diplomat Fired For Revealing “Dogs And Slaves” Remark

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt on Friday demanded the dismissal of a Kenyan diplomat over her allegedly "fabricated" charge that an Egyptian official had referred to Africans as "dogs and slaves" during a conference in Nairobi.
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton to Visit Five African Countries

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will travel to Africa July 31 through August 10, 2012. During this trip, the Secretary will emphasize U.S....
Shameful: Ugandan President Denied Hotel Room Because Of Homosexual Stance

Shameful: Ugandan President Denied Hotel Room Because Of Homosexuality Stance

AFRICANGLOBE - Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was reportedly denied reservations at two hotels in the United States over his government's stance on homosexuality. According to Dallas Voices, a mouthpiece for the gay community in Dallas, Texas, gay activists in the area forced two hotels to cancel Yoweri Museveni's bookings.
Foreign Investors Against South Africa's Black Economic Empowerment Policies

Foreign Investors Against South Africa’s Black Economic Empowerment Policies

AFRICANGLOBE - Earlier this year, the government of South Africa announced that it was extending from this October to next April the deadline for companies to...
Stephen Lawrence Smear Campaign

Crooked UK Cops Tried to ‘Smear’ the Family of Murdered Teenager Stephen Lawrence

AFRICANGLOBE - A police officer who spent four years living undercover in protest groups has revealed how he participated in an operation to spy on and attempt to "smear" the family of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, the friend who witnessed his fatal stabbing and campaigners angry at the failure to bring his killers to justice.
Love Jones

‘Think Like A Man’ and the Legacy of ‘Love Jones’

It has been 15 years since Darius and Nina fell in love after that pivotal poetry reading in Chicago, but fans of "Love Jones"...

Setting Agenda – What Jonathan Must Focus On to Move Nigeria’s Economy Forward

Nigeria's economic potential is well known. The country's considerable resource endowment and coastal location ordinarily should allow the emergence of a strong growth pole for sub-Saharan Africa.


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In Flint Michigan, “We Charge Genocide” — 6 Questions And Past...

AFRICANGLOBE - The situation in Flint is not new and with a cursory glance at history, lessons can be drawn to help in the analysis of the crisis as a possible case for genocide. The Flint, Michigan, lead poisoning issue is one of environmental corruption and racism among other important problems plaguing America. Black leadership is mostly pushed into discussions on civil rights, but this is about the life and death of a whole Nation of People that must be adequately addressed.

President Mugabe’s Daughter Weds

AFRICANGLOBE - In an elaborate and carefully managed wedding, President Mugabe's daughter Bona Mugabe was married in a huge white marquee in the garden of the family mansion, surrounded by thousands of guests including Presidents and regional leaders.

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