An Analytical View Of The African American Rhinoplasty

An Analytical View Of The African American Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty in simple terms is the nose surgery that is done to correct a wide variety of things in your nose.

African American is one such type of ethnic Rhinoplasty that is done on the African American patients to make sure that their nose has Caucasian features and that it definitely looks good on the overall face.

The reason that people are undergoing Rhinoplasty can be various ranging from birth defects to odd shapes of noses. The primary reason why a lot of African Americans are going under the scalpel is because of the fact that a typical beauty is associated with a Caucasian nose.

The concept of the beauty of a Caucasian nose is that this nose has good narrow bridge. It also has narrow nostrils. The other feature so this nose is that it has narrow tip. Now typically the skin of the nose is very thick for African Americans and the surgeon has to make sure that they take into account this fact while preparing for the surgery.

The African nose has wide nostrils and is more thick skin. The nose also has very wide tips as well as there is no bridge accompanied with a flatter shape of the nose. There is nothing wrong with this look but generally the Caucasian or a sharper nose is preferred. All these features can be corrected by the Rhinoplasty.

A lot of patients think that they will become much more beautiful than before then the surgeon has to make sure that they get the patient some counseling before the treatment so that they are grounded in reality.

Also in a lot of cases there has to be an accompanying Septoplasty to correct the deviated septum as well as the chin augmentation so as to correct the facial features. This should be explained to the patient as well as the cost implications. Most of the cases there is financing available from specialized companies or at the doctors office itself.
If your are thinking that this will be covered under the insurance then any kind of cosmetic or plastic surgery is generally not covered by the insurance companies.

Also post operative rest and precaution is a must else there is a chance that the surgery results may not be correct and you may have to have another round of surgery to correct the wrong result and that can be painful and of course expensive.

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