Beauty Products That Heal

Beauty Products That Heal

A captivating, healthy, beautiful look can be acquired using herbs and oils easier than with beauty products filled with chemicals.

## What works best to always maintain pores and skin in good health?

Always look for aloe based skin care products with peptides. Pure aloe hydrates, regenerates, and purifies skin cells. Most skincare products have water as their base and many use mineral oil. Mineral oil clogs pores, and water based products cannot absorb the sebum level of skin without using harsh detergents.

## What can help my oily hair and scalp?

Herbal blend shampoos and conditioners help regulate the production of oil. Most treatments for oily hair strip the hair and scalp of all oils, thus causing our sebum glands to generate more oil to replace it. Gentle herbal shampoo deposit natural beauty products onto the scalp to regulate the amount of excess oils produced and remove oils that are clogging the scalp.

## Are there natural solutions for color treated hair?

Everyone knows that coloring hair makes it dry within a few days. The chemicals used actually cause hair to lose their protein structure. Protein shampoos and conditioners replace moisture levels, makes hair stronger and color more luminous, vivid and long lasting.

## Are there any organic African American hair products out there?

Of course and African American hair problems such as dryness and brittle breaking hair are usually best treated with natural products . African American hair is damaged by chemical processes including relaxers, weave problems, braids pulling hair out or pressing. A great infusion of herbs, oils such as Argan, Jojoba, Coconut Emu, and vitamins will go a long way to repair hair. Chemicals found in other products just worsen the problems.

## Is there really a hair growth spray that works well?

Herbal remedies and extracts such as ginseng, Aloe, Horsetail Extract and Fenugreek improve circulation, stimulate your hair root, unclog follicles, and also stimulate growth. A line of solutions at includes shampoos, conditioners, hair growth spray, serums and vitamins to take orally that contain these and other required natural oils and natural ingredients.

Skin, including our scalp, is the largest organ of the body and absorbs very easily. There can be signifigant amounts of harsh chemicals in personal care products, so it is definitely beneficial to try to find pure, organic beauty products.

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