Cardio Exercise May Be The Secret To Weight Loss

Cardio Exercise May Be The Secret To Weight Loss

So you have tried all the diets and taken all the herbal weight loss pills. Some of you may have even lost weight on those fun programs. But when it comes down to loosing weight and keeping it off, you have to choose not only a diet plan but a workout regimen.

Cardio exercise programs have been found to be some of the best weight maintenance programs available. While each program can have its own set of cardio exercises, some have proven to be more effective than others.

Running is the number one recommended cardio exercise by experts. It can be a cost effective way to lose weight and no equipment or special facilities required. While you will need a good pair of shoes, once you have those you can run anywhere you please.

Studies have shown that running with friends can also provide an excellent mental workout as well. This fun joint workout can relieve stress and provide a great way to keep motivated. The second most popular workout is cross-country skiing.

This can be done at the gym or at home, if you want to purchase the equipment. While this exercise works both the upper and lower extremities, it can provide excellent cardio stimulation.

A good cardio exercise should be able to raise your heart rate. Everyone has his or her normal maximum heart rate. A cardio exercise routine should raise your heart rate to 75 – 80 percent of your maximum heart rate.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should be able to talk during your exercises. If you are panting or out of breath, you need to slow down. Continuing at this level can lead to hotheadedness and can result in injury.

High intensity workouts can help with weight loss. A person can run thirty minutes at six miles per hour and burn up to 225 calories. However, the same person could walk the same amount of time at 3.5 miles per hour and they would only burn 85-90 calories.

This proves that the more intense you work out, the better the results. However, you must consider your experience and training with cardio exercise. If you do decide to undertake an intense regimen, you must be able to physically complete the exercises without risking injury.

If you have medical issues or complications, intense cardio exercises may not be for you. You should always consult with a licensed trainer or your doctor if you have concerns or questions about what is right for you.

The biggest complaint people have with cardio exercise seems to be the monotonous and repetitive style of exercising it offers. There are many things you can do to keep your mind entertained while your body works out. Try running or workout while watching the morning news. Another option is to listen to music while running outdoors.

Some studies have shown that people who join workout groups are more inclined to continue with their daily or weekly routines. Many cities have running groups you can join, or you can recruit your friends to join you at the gym.

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