Do You Know The Facts Of Flight 447 Plane Crash?

Do You Know The Facts Of Flight 447 Plane Crash?

A lot of people wonder what happened with Flight 447, when it crashed. And in fact, it’s unfortunate that the actual crash cause is less likely to be found as each day passes. However, as more pieces of the puzzle are found and pieces come together, there are some theories as to what may have happened with this plane, part of Air France.

At first there were questions about whether the Flight 447 plane crash occurred by exploding in the air or whether the jet smashed into the ocean below. The Brazilian Navy did find the tail of the jet, which makes it more likely that the jet did blow apart while it was in the air. According to experts, the tail would probably not stay in tact had the plane actually hit the ocean.

There was a storm that was occurring over the ocean when Flight 447 was in the air. In fact, some are questioning why the plane was allowed to fly into this storm in the first place. It has been found that just four minutes before the crash of the plane, autopilot was turned off. This lends credibility to the idea that the pilots were trying to navigate the plane through the heavy storm.

Of course with the heavy storm and the bad winds that were reported, it was difficult to deal with the storm. The idea is that the pilots may have tried to get through this storm and by overcompensating the tail of the plane may have been torn off.

Since the crash and since the first pieces of the plane were find, 41 of the 228 bodies have been found in the Atlantic. Bits and pieces of the plane are being found, but no one has found the black box or the voice recorders that can shed more light on why the Flight 447 plane crash occurred in the first place.

Investigators also question the quality of the plane’s maintenance and repairs as well. The Pitot tube was supposed to be totally replaced, and no one knows whether this particular part had difficulties or was responsible because of malfunction for the crash occurring.

Many plane crashes have mysteries behind them, even those with plane crashes video clips captured. Of course when the wreckage is in the bottom of the ocean, the mystery definitely becomes more intense. Friends and family wonder if the truth behind this crash will ever be totally known.

To help with the search for the black boxes, a French nuclear submarine has joined forces with other searchers. Because the floor of the ocean is so rugged, finding the boxes can be difficult at best. The sub is using sonar technology to pick up the boxes’ acoustic beacons, which will begin to fade in about three weeks. The United States is also helping with this effort by supplying underwater audio devices to help pick up those signals.

Many theories remain as to why Flight 447 crashed. Evidence has yet to fully show which theories as to its cause may be right. Investigators continue their quest to solve this mystery, and want to find out what happened to cause this catastrophe, a crash that cost so many people their lives.

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