Flat Iron for African American Hair

Flat Iron for African American Hair

African American hair is quite different and consists of firmly twisting curls. A variety of options is available to style as well as straighten African American hair, among which perhaps the most perfect choice is flat iron. In contrast to other straightening alternatives such as chemical relaxers and thermal reconditioning that may damage your hair on its repeated usage, using a flat iron is relatively safe and helps for long lasting hair straightening results. In fact, nowadays many people depend on flat iron or hair straighteners to temporarily straighten their African American hair. However, a flat iron could give you best results only if it is used in an appropriate way. Mentioned below are some important tips to straighten your African American hair in an appropriate way.

Among the items required for flat ironing African American hair is a high quality flat iron, an extremely thin flat iron coupled with removable teeth, top quality shampoo and conditioner that suit your hair, and blow dryers. Prior to straightening your hair, prepare your hair via thoroughly shampooing your hair. Then apply some conditioner and leave it for about 10 – 15 minutes before towel drying your hair. Now use a blow dryer to completely dry your hair. It would be better if you use a wide tooth comb while blow drying. However, if you have sufficient time, allow it to dry it naturally.

When your hair is completely dry, remove tangles and divide your hair into smaller sections. But there will be still tangles in your hair. Here comes the usage of thin flat iron with teeth. It not only helps to remove all tangles from your hair but also helps to fairly straighten your hair. Now apply a heat protectant item in the form of spray or gel on your hair, which helps for preservation of moisture within the hair shaft as well as safeguarding your hair from damages as a result of excess exposure to heat. On its application, once again comb your hair in order to separate it into small sections.

As the next step, heat your branded top quality flat iron to complete the remaining process. One of the most recommended options to straighten American African hair is flat iron made from any of these materials such as ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline. It would be even better if you use a flat iron that is designed using a combination of two or more materials. For best results, use a flat iron with adjustable temperature settings. Since American African hair is characterized by unruly curliness, it is recommended to set the temperature to high while styling. Some of the most recommended flat irons for straightening your hair are those introduced by such leading brands as BaByliss, Karmin, Metropolis, and KQC.

Once your flat iron gets hot and reaches the desirable temperature, untie a section of hair in order to place it in between the plates of flat iron. Now gradually run the flat iron beginning from hair scalp to hair tips. Repeat the same procedure with the remaining sections of hair. When the whole process is completed, use a branded, high quality glossy serum to add extra shine and gorgeousness to your temporarily straightened hair.

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