Inspecting Makita power drill giving flickering sparks or smoke

Inspecting Makita power drill giving flickering sparks or smoke

Diagnose and repair your Makita Drill as Makita parts are easy available

As a tradesman or a hobbyist, you must have faced the situation where you switch on your power drill and switch it off immediately because it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do, instead its throwing out scary sparks or smoke. As frustrating as this situation is, the good news is that you can easily diagnose the problem as there could only be two culprits.

Outbreak of smoke or sparks could only occur from dust vents or switch assembly of your power drill. Now there are two scenarios:

Smoke or Sparks Coming Out of Vents

If the said smoke or sparks are coming from the dust vents of your power tool then there can be three possibilities:

* Your armature is damaged
* Your field is damaged
* Both armature and field are damaged

Now, remember your tool is designed to perform to a certain extent and pushing your tool to achieve performance beyond that limit can cause overheating or overloading that can result in a damaged armature or damaged field or both. Now you know the problem you can buy power drill armature or field from any online store or a retail store that sells Makita parts.

You should know that there are a few online shopping portals that solely deal in branded power tool replacement parts and offer Makita tool parts, DeWalt parts, Black and Decker parts, Air Locker parts, Porter Cable parts, Bosch repair parts and other variety of spare parts so you’re not stranded with a broken power drill.

How to Know Which Part Is Damaged?

If you are not sure about the damaged part then don’t worry. It’s quite easy to detect. Simply disassemble your power drill and check which part has suffered the damage because of overheating. Damage caused by overheating is visible in the form of charring, burning, melting or weird discoloration of armature or field’s wiring, assembly or insulation. Now you can easily decide which Makita part you would need to revive your drill.

Smoke or Sparks Coming Out of Switch

If the smoke or flickering sparks are coming out of your drill’s switch then it could be only one thing that’s causing this problem – drill’s damaged switch assembly. Now this can also be caused by overheating of the power drill but the more probable cause would be your switch getting affected due to moisture.

Again, you need to rush to the store selling Makita parts. Thankfully, switch assemblies are, more often than not, readily available so you don’t have to wait long to start working on your project once again.

It is always good to know more about your power tools. If you are a professional tradesman, you can save a good amount of money by getting aware of your tools as you can repair and maintain them on your own instead of sending them to a repair shop that often is a frustrating and costly experience. offers a wide range of Makita Parts, Air Locker Parts, Black and Decker Parts online on lowest prices.

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