The iPhone 5 Cases Will Be Affected For Some Negative News

The iPhone 5 Cases Will Be Affected For Some Negative News

Nowadays the world has entered the era of globalization and network, so most of commodities are sold worldwide. And something can not be separated form our life, such as mobile phone for the need of information technology. As we can see, the smart phone has become the new favorite in life for more convenient. The hot product is iPhone 5 which has released in September without question. But it also affected by some bad news from many aspects.

In some areas, iPhone 5 has not an official launch since the beginning, so in the grey market, the price is so expensive that many people only see it. But it can not stop the fans of iPhone 5 to enjoy. But the price is really high. What’s more, it is not the only reason to spike the sales figures for Apple Inc. We can make a comparison with iPhone 4 and 4s. We could take China mainland as an example for you. It’s reported that the price of iPhone 4 and 4s has dropped. The 32G model of iPhone 4s is about 5000 yuan less than the earlier 6000 yuan. The iPhone 4 is about 4000 yuan. And iPhone 5 in the grey market is about 7500 yuan. And when it released in official way, the price would decreased a little.

When iPhone 5 released, there are some negative news to affect the sales. In the market, some consumers said that it is a lot more repairable than the old version. Because it has a front-and-back construction method that makes it easier. What’s more, the inner is more complicated tiny elements placed to make it as thinner as possible. So if you damaged accidentally, you would spend more money to repair. It is really a trouble.

And it’s said that the black one is more susceptible to scuffs and scratches, which is a strange thing. Because the previous version we didn’t hear such strange thing. And the white version has no such statement. The consumers would affect for this thing. So Apple Inc must check and explain the matter. After all, iPhone 5 has not released entirely in the world, it would damage its image and selling.

Some users referred that iPhone 5 has something wrong with Google Maps. This is a little annoyed for people who want to use to keep their sights on the road. So if Apple Inc could make adjustments, maybe consumers could have a little comfort.

However, maybe we are too harsh for iPhone 5, but because it’s enjoyed by most of people and we have too much hope for it. In addition, the price of iPhone is too high, why you can not provide the perfect service? This is everyone’s questions.

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